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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Headteacher Message - Christmas 2020

Dear Parent/Carer, 


Here we are at the end of 2020 and I would just like to congratulate your children on the resilience they have shown this year, and throughout an incredibly long term.   Please do visit the class pages to see what they have been up to, the website really gives you an insight into the day to day school.  The children have kept working, not complaining and adapted so well to such a lot of change and disruption.   


Throughout the year we have learned new ways to connect remotely, explored new ways of structuring the school day, introduced the words - bubble, quarantine, self-isolation into our vocabulary and above all recognised that when we love one another and be kind, we can grow and learn together in all circumstances. 


Our classes have put together some Christmas delights over the last few weeks, so grab a mince pie and enjoy.


If you do happen to develop any COVID symptoms over the next few days or on your return to school please contact me on or through the link on the school Autumn Term information page:


Thank you all for your support over this year.   We are delighted that our Federation has continued to grow in strength and are excited about the opportunities 2021 will hold.


Both schools will be going for ArtsMark over the year and we look forward to sharing more about that adventure during 2021.  Criftins will celebrate its 90th year of serving the community in August so watch out for news and events.  We hope to open our doors to all our families once again when it is safe to do so.   We start next term with the value COURAGE and we hope you are able to embrace new challenges with us. 


Take care, have a blessed Christmas, stay safe and love the ones you are with!