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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Sports Autumn 2022

Our Year 3 children had a fantastic afternoon at the Shrewsbury Sports Village where they experienced lots of different sports: New Age Kurling, Boccia, Tri- Golf and Archery. The event was a non-competitive afternoon with the aim for the children to have lots of fun, organised by Mollie our SGO and Jake from Energize. Our Year 6 children were asked to run the stations, explaining the task and encouraging the children, they did a marvellous job and enjoyed the responsibility of setting up the stations and overseeing all the groups. A great afternoon was had by all!

Our victorious team played an afternoon of Tag Rugby at Oswestry Rugby Club last week! We played 6 matches against Trefonen, Whittington 1, Whittington 2, Morda and Meadows, winning 3, drawing 2 and losing 1 by 1 try. The matches were well played with the team getting better and better as we went on, there was great team spirit throughout the afternoon with all the teams showing the School Games values. The final score was Whittington 1 and Criftins equal 1st and Whittington just took first place on try difference, however, we will go through to the next Level as we are in a different cluster!

Our Year 6 children have been practising for the Year 3 County Engagement event which will be taking place at Shrewsbury Sports Village, they will be leading stations which will include Boccia, New Age Kurling, Tri-Golf, Archery,Tag Rugby and an activity station.

We sent 2 hockey teams to compete at the Marches this week, they played some very close matches resulting in second and third place.

Our Sports Leaders lead a Playtime Fitness Session at the end of every lunch break to ensure that everyone has been moving and is ready for the afternoon ahead.

Our Hockey team played at The Marches School in a cluster match with our local schools. There were 10 schools attending and, after the first round having played three matches, winning two and losing one by 1 goal, we finished in second place in our pool. This meant we went through to the Certificate final which we won! The children showed great teamwork and perseverance throughout the afternoon.

Our Year 3 and 4 mixed football team took part in a football tournament at the Marches School where they played against Our Ladys, Bryn Offa and Cockshutt - three very close matches resulting in a fantastic 2nd place!

Our first intra school competition took place with Years 4, 5 and 6 playing Quicksticks Hockey, the children played in their house teams and enjoyed an afternoon putting into practice the hockey skills they’ve learnt during their PE lessons.

A team of children went to Shrewsbury this week to take part in an inter school Ten Pin Bowling competition. It was organised by the Panathlon charity who run events all over the country. A great opportunity to have fun in a competitive event!

Year 5 and 6 girls went to a football event hosted by Lakelands and Mollie, our SGO, along with her Year 9 and 10 sports leaders. They completed drills and played some matches against Cockshutt and Ellesmere Schools.

Our cross country team have competed in the 1st and 2nd legs of the winter cluster cross country league. We had 21 children running in the first leg and 24 in the second and some great placings. We have 35 children who run weekly with us, Class 3 and 4 run round the lanes on separate days at lunchtime and Year 3 children run weekly on the Daily Mile track.

We run a free lunchtime football club twice a week with our Year 5 and 6 boys playing together and our Year 3 and 4 boys playing with the girls. We have an amazing 33 children attending regularly which is brilliant!

Class 3 and 4 running on the Daily Mile track, we have a half termly personal challenge where they run for 8 minutes to check that they have improved on their previous lap score, having run regularly each week.

Congratulations to our 4 Sports Leaders who have been elected by the KS2 children - their tasks will begin with organising the Playground Rota, selecting new playground equipment and running the daily Playground Fitness sessions. They will be a huge asset in helping to run and organise events and representing all our children.

Sports Leader elections were held today with the Year 6 children who wish to stand delivering a speech outlining the qualities that they would bring to the job. The KS2 children (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) each voted for 4 people. Results will be announced next week!

What a wonderful start to the Cross Country League which took place at the Marches School.  We had 21 children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 running which is an amazing number for our school!

The children ran in their year groups and achieved some great positions along with children from the Oswestry and Ellesmere clusters schools.

We look forward to the next competition which takes place in a couple of weeks.

Our weekly lunchtime football clubs have begun with our Year 3, 4 boys and girls playing alongside the Year 5 and 6 girls one day a week and the Year 5 and 6 boys playing on a different lunchtime. The club is offered as a free club to anyone who would like to play in KS 2.

Our Year 5 and 6 girls football team went to Oswestry School where they competed against 5 other teams to finish a very close third place on goal difference (1 goal).  This is a great result as it is the first outing as a new team so we have lots to build on in our weekly lunchtime football club practice, well done girls!

Criftins had a great start to their sporting year with the New Age Kurling teams finishing in first place in the trophy final and third place in the certificate final. They had some really close matches but played brilliantly as a team.