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Christmas Party Dancing

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Christmas Carol Singing

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Shropshire Library Service Rock Band

SLS Rock Band

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DT- The finished result. Take a look at our moving vehicles (which include a chassis, axles and wheels). We are so pleased with them!

DT- The process of decorating a vehicle! Creativity, colour, fun and lots of classroom mess!

Theatre Severn Pantomime -Beauty and the Beast

Science Investigation- Heart Rate and Exercise

The World Cup England V Iran

The Big Colour


Today we have focused on our understanding of the colour wheel, especially primary and secondary colours. We looked at the use of line, colour, music, shape, feelings and gradient within our artwork. Our inspiration came from the works of Wassily Kandinsky who created abstract pieces related to shape, music and feelings. We were only allowed to use dry materials for our artwork and therefore created work using only pencil. We’ve had a lovely day and look forward to sharing some of our finished pieces. 

Musical composition

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Using music to create lines and shapes using the inspiration of Kandinsky. Mark and Archie were totally engrossed in the process.

Musical composition

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Children in Need


For Children in Need we have talked about the day and why we dress up. We spoke about who we were raising money for and why they need our help. We talked about some of the places in the UK who help children and were interested in what they do at Hope House. Lastly, we looked at the ways that people raise money for the cause and decided to do our own talent show in class as part of our children in need learning. 

Below are some photographs of the children, but skip to the end and see Mrs Pitcher doing a headstand! 

Science- The needs and wants of an animal, including humans.

Lest we forget...

Sing 2! 

This morning Class 2 went on a trip to Wem Town Hall where they watched Sing 2 along with the year 2/3 class from Cockshutt. Miss Evans kindly organised this free trip through the film club and we were given the opportunity to go. We thank her for her hard work and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. The children were incredibly well behaved and were sensible throughout! The children loved having a sing-song on the bus, even if they were already singing Christmas songs 😂 Once we came back to school, we sat in class with our packed lunches and watched some of the first film together before going out for a play. Such a lovely morning 😁

Physical and Human Geography Fieldwork Monday 7th November 


This afternoon we have been learning about physical and human geography. We have been on a walk around our local area to discuss some of the geography that we could see. We sketched some physical and human geography whilst using our maps to understand where we were. The children at the back with Miss Suckley also discussed known landmarks of the world and whether they were physical or human geography. It is interesting to hear the observations that are being made and the thought going into some answers, especially when talking about some objects/ places that could be classed as both. Next lesson, we will be going through the route that we took and using the sketches to create a detailed description. Following this, we will begin to form a greater understanding of the differences between the geography of Criftins with larger places such as Oswestry or even London.



Year 3 Friday French

One Hundred Years Anniversary of the Discovery of King Tutankhamen! 

This week we have been learning about King Tutankhamen and the discovery of his tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter and Lord Caernarfon. We have watched lots of videos showing the discovery and the artefacts along with discussing the importance of the discovery. The children now understand that without this remarkable discovery, we wouldn’t understand half as much about the Ancient Egyptian period as we currently do. 

After our discussions and learning, we had a variety of activities related to the discovery and they worked in groups to experience each activity. We will continue this next week so that everybody has time to gain a better understanding. 

Activity 1 with Miss Suckley:  Discussing historical sources such as photographs and newspaper articles from the discovery in 1922. Making a note of the what they have understood, what it tells us and why they think the source was so important. 

Activity 2 with Mrs Pitcher: Having the opportunity to become an archaeologist/ Egyptologist to uncover some artefacts in the sand. The children loved learning about the resources and skills that were needed to safely and carefully find objects as Howard Carter did in 1922. 

Activity 3 with Miss Pickett: Creating a timeline of Tutankhamen’s life from his birth to the discovery of his tomb. 

Activity 4: Creating their own Death Mask similar to the one found in Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus. 

We have loved this topic so far and the children are so enthusiastic. I hope they come home and tell you all about it. 

I will continue to add more photos of the learning as we continue the topic. Especially when we mummify the tomatoes/apples and make our own canopic jars out of Pringle tubes. 


Wet Play Fun!

The Saltmine Theatre Company

Science- Animals, including Humans. Life Cycle Investigation


This half term we have been looking at life cycles and to help us with our understanding, we have hatched our own butterflies. We have completed an observation log and discussed what was happening as they went through the metamorphosis from caterpillar to beautiful butterflies. Unfortunately, we only had a couple of days with the butterflies before the half term break. However, Miss Suckley took them home with her and released them at home. We hope that you enjoy looking through our photos and once we have completed it, you can see our finished life cycle display using our own investigation.