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Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement  

As a school we will: 

  • Create a caring and safe environment for children to learn; 

  • Promote British Values:  democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect and tolerance; 

  • Promote our Christian Values: courage; respect; forgiveness; friendship; perseverance and compassion.  

  • Support children in their learning journey and encourage a positive ‘growth mindset’; 

  • Encourage children to take care of others and their surroundings; 

  • Inform parents of their children’s progress by sharing age related expectations, through meeting them and reporting on their children’s progress, through reports and school open days; 

  • Provide age appropriate homework tasks; 

  • Keep parents informed about school activities through newsletters the school’s website and the school APP; 

  • Celebrate achievement together. 

Teacher: _______________________________________________________ 

As parents/guardians, I/we will: 

  • Ensure children attend school every day and on time, informing the school of any absence promptly on the day, by phone, letter or email; 

  • Respect and support the school’s policies, procedures and values; 

  • Support my child/children to complete homework tasks set which consolidate work completed in class; 

  • Work in partnership with the school to support children’s learning and behaviour; 

  • Make the school aware of any problems or concerns that may affect children’s progress or behaviour; 

  • Actively promote responsibility and independence. 


As a pupil I will: 

  • Follow the school, class rules & school values; 

  • Respect and support others and their belongings; 

  • Take responsibility for my own learning and behaviour; 

  • Tell someone if I have a concern or problem; 

  • Come to school fully prepared for the day ahead.