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Criftins Church of England Primary School

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One woman performance of the life of Dame Agnes Hunt

Computer Programming: Scratch Jr

Comparing Modern nursing to Victorian nursing role play

English Writing: Describing the town of Gableview from our book Grandads Secret Giant

Art: Peer feedback on models

Year 2 Maths: Measuring in centimetres

Picture Book Study: Creativity: Beatrix and her Bunnies

Art- Starting to build their sculptures of themselves

Mental Health Week- Well-being, Pets and Me

Geography: Locating American landmarks on a map of the USA

English: Conscience Alley- trying to persuade the animal to eat Red (The Last Wolf)

Geography: Using simple compass points to locate countries in relation to the UK and the Equator

English: Describing the forest in our book

Art: Who am I? Secretly filling in information about ourselves

History: What were the key events in the life of Florence Nightingale?

Geography: Researching countries

Geography: Using Atlases to learn more about continents and the countries within them

Computing: Digital Music- Rhythm

Computing: Spectrogram - digital music

Congratulations to those who completed the Easter Holidays Reading Challenge ☺️

PSHE: Why do we have rules? What rules do we have in school and what rules do we have in the UK?