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Mental Health and Well Being


I imagine Christmas was different for all of our families this year, I hope you all managed to enjoy some, if not all of the festivities.  


Please feel free to contact me below, or via the school office.  


Best wishes from Mrs Long


Mental Health Awareness Week 10th - 16th May 2021 🌿


The theme for this awareness week is Nature.  National Trust research found a link between feeling connected to nature and having improved wellbeing.  In school we all recognise the connection between time spent in nature and our emotional wellbeing, and the huge difference this has on our children’s learning experience.


This week provides a great opportunity for primary schools to normalise the discussion of mental health and wellbeing amongst pupils and staff.  All children in school have weekly access and opportunities, to spend time outside, at Forest School, on the Daily Mile, Outdoor Learning, And PE and games.

It’s important to keep the focus on mental health and wellbeing throughout the school year, beyond Mental Health Awareness Week.  We are here to support our families and children at anytime.




Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 - The theme of this year's Children’s Mental Health Week is Express Yourself.


Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. With this in mind we hope you enjoy the special resources shared on the Children’s Mental Health Week tab, above.


Our school community remains as in-touch and supportive as possible.  We are all trying to be positive and hopeful during these very difficult times, but it is hard.  The language we use can affect our ability to stay positive and motivated.  If we use positive language we begin to feel better emotionally and physically, but not only that, it makes a difference to our children and family members.


We need to be kind to ourselves and our families, accepting what we cannot change and working on the things we can.  This starts with the words we use; they affect our thoughts and emotions, which then affect our physical behaviour and well being.  


Start your day with a big “Yippee”! Stretch out your arms and shake out the night.  It feels very silly but you might make yourself and everyone else smile, which is the perfect start to a new day.  Use kind and positive words, and encourage your children to do the same.  



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