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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Summer Term 2023

Welcome to our Summer Term. A time of preparation and a time for moving on to High School. Every week we try to cover an ambitious , creative curriculum. Pop back soon to see what we are doing in class and around school.


Share a Pencil.

Recognising the value of school is essential for our children so that they can develop an understanding of future success but also how not everyone in the world has the same opportunities. We worked together thinking about what we may take for granted and then comparing our lives with some examples of other children from deprived or war torn parts of the world. We realised we love school.

Aspirational Careers Day.

Today was all about inviting the community and families to share what they do as jobs. The hall and outside was busy as each display from our parents and visitors explored and explained the jobs they do each and everyday. It was a wonderful opportunity for our young people to think about their future and how they will ultimately spend their time in the workplace. A huge thank you to all our visitors for giving up their time to support us and share their experiences.

Darren Edwards

We welcomed Darren back to our school for his second visit since his huge achievement and fund raising event of kayaking from John o Groats to Lands End. Today Darren shared with us his most recent challenge of 7 marathons completed in 7 days across 7 continents. All of this was completed with the use of a specially adapted wheelchair and thousands of air miles to get to each destination. Darren is such an incredibly humble and genuine person with a heart full of warmth and an inspiration to us all by accepting that failure is ok since it can often lead to a great success. Well done Darren and thank you for taking the time out to join with us.

Ben Smith

Ben joined us from his home in Bristol. Some of us thought he may have run to our school as Ben shared with us he has completed 401 marathons over a back to back period of around 396 days. Yes one marathon completed each day and then another marathon and then another. It was staggering to hear how Ben who only began running around 10 years ago has discovered a passion and ability in himself to do something that to date no other human being on this planet has been able to do. Ben you are a superstar and a huge inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us your life story and also running with us on our Daily Mile track.

Mock Court

This afternoon was all about understanding about the British Justice System. Lily Edwards our chair of Governors came to talk with Year 5 and Year 6 about a modern day British Courtroom. We soon entered into role as some pupils acted out a fictitious case and had to decide if the defendant should be punished. It was great thinking about all the different job roles that are needed for a court to operate. A huge thankyou to Lily for giving up her time to share and explain.

Careers Week Andrew Holding.

Year 6 this afternoon found out all about setting up an online business as entrepreneur and business owner Andrew came to talk to us. It was great fun finding out how using the Internet and creating a business can be achieved.

Extraordinary study of an Emperor moth by one of our Y6 students.

Young Health Champions Fund Raising.

At Criftins we are always keen to find ways to support others. Using the opportunity of working with the Young Health Champions pupils organised a fun run to raise money for Homeless people. A huge thank you to Lynne and all those involved with this worthy cause.

Science: dissecting owl pellets

PE - Striking, fielding and batting.

Over the next few weeks we are going to focus on developing our tennis skills. This will involve lots of hand to eye co ordination but also the skills of hitting a ball whilst maintaining control, pace and direction.

Physical Education.

This term we have been looking at developing our Gymnastic skills and routines for a competition. Working as a team is so important, holding a posture and creating routines is both challenging and great fun.

Science - Habitats and Living Things.

Artist Antoni Gaudi

Our Art topic of work has begun with a study of the work of famous Catalan architect and designer Antoni Gaudi. Finding out about famous people develops a greater understanding of what inspired them to do what they did but also help us to develop ourselves.