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Criftins Church of England Primary School


What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

Criftins C of E Primary School is situated in the Shropshire Countryside and we like to make the most of our natural resources.  Please take a look at our Forest School page by clicking on the link below.  We have such fun enjoying the great outdoors. 

Random Pupil Selector

This is a time each week where children can share their work with the Headteacher and talk about their learning. It’s a great session to hear children's ideas about how we can move learning forward in our school.  It is also a time to reflect on which learning has been the most enjoyable or challenging.  We do a lot of celebrating and the children are given a certificate and a sticker at the end of the session.   We have also been known to share a biscuit or two because every good meeting has refreshments.