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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Year 1

Where possible teaching in English should link to the wider curriculum where pupils can build vocabulary to enrich their writing.  From the start pupils should all edit and improve their writing, beginning with reading back simple words or sentences to developing more complex editing strategies throughout the different year groups. Length of teaching units should be determined by the class teacher according to the needs of the class.

Year ONE

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


There are no such things as Monsters


Outcome: Poetry linked to monsters with a model poem using simple language patterns as the outcome

At the Zoo


Outcomes:  Investigate list poems on a variety of themes before writing their own about a visit to a museum.



Outcomes: Senses vocabulary is explored to create a poem about fruit


Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Outcome:  story based on the structure of Lost and Found


Nibbles by Emma Yarlett

Outcome: Recount: diary


The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright

Outcome: Fiction: story based on the structure of The Lion Inside.

Grandpa’s Gift by Fiona Lumber (Journey Story)

The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth by Ellie Hattie

Outcome: Fiction: story based on the structure of The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth.

Toys in Space by Mini Grey

Outcome:   Fiction: story based on the structure of Toys in Space.

Extension: Instructions

Goldilocks and just the one bear by Leigh Hodgkinson

Outcome: Fiction: story based on the structure of Goldilocks and just the one bear. Extension: Non-chronological report


Labels, captions and lists

Outcome:  writing for in class exhibition or every day procedure


Outcome: Write a simple first person-based recount based on personal experience, using adverbs of time to enhance writing.


Outcome:  Following a practical experience write up a set of instructions.  Use instructional language.


Outcome:  Write a simple non chronological report.  Distinguish between I and we.

Report writing

Outcome:  Reinforce teaching from spring term.


Outcome: Draw pictures to illustrate a simple process and prepare several sentences to support the explanation.


All books/texts/excerpts used will be selected to enrich language.   Classrooms will be language rich environments and staff will promote a love of reading and writing.  Teachers are encouraged to immerse the children in language through Talk4Writing, book battles, poetry for performance, debate etc….  Teachers may choose one text to delve deeper into to enrich understanding and love for books at any point during the term. Pupils should be encouraged to write and read for pleasure and this should be celebrated.