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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Sports Autumn 2023

12 of our Year 5 and 6 children have today taken part in a Playground Leaders course run by the Marches Academy. They have learnt about the role of a play leader, how to be kind , encouraging, fair, helpful , cheerful, organised and inclusive. They have been taught some great games and will be using their training at lunchtime play with KS1 children to encourage inclusive activity in the playground.

We have had a great time at Packwood with our Year 3 and 4 children playing Kwik Cricket. They have practised their skills and become very adept at batting, with all children improving from when we started the session. Thank you to Darrell from Shropshire Cricket and Packwood Year 7 pupils for running the event.

Year 5 /6 Badminton. This was the first time this competition has been held and has sparked an interest to continue in school, so we will be dusting off the nets! The team finished in 4th place which was terrific,

We had the opportunity to take part in the Year 3 and 4 Dance competition at the Marches School.  This was the first time the competition had been run, we were given a track and video for the children to follow and learn, they also had to replace a certain section of the routine with their own choreography.  They were then judged on the creativity and execution of the choreography that they had included.  The performances were judged by a panel of Marches young leaders on: rhythm, balance, energy, confidence, choreography and overall performance. Our team finished in scond place - just 1 point behind the winners!

Our team of 8 children competed at the Ellesmere Primary swimming gala today finishing in 3rd place having swum individual races, team medleys and relays,

Our football team went to Ellesmere College to play a friendly match against their boys, they had a great session and also enjoyed the match tea afterwards!

Two teams went to play Quicksticks Hockey against our local schools at the Marches School, they each played 3 matches with one team narrowly missing getting into the final having come 2nd in their pool and our other team finished in equal 4th in their pool. They used the skills they had learnt in their PE lessons showing great competitiveness and skill.

Intra- School Quicksticks Hockey Competition

The children had a great afternoon competing against one another in their year groups with some competitive play.  They have been practising their hockey skills in PE this half term and have demonstrated their understanding of the rules and tactics needed to play matches.

The results were:

1st Scotland 20 points

2nd= Ireland and England 18 points

4th Wales 15 points.

Our Year 3/4 Mixed football team played 4 other schools at the Marches, this was their first match in a primary competition and I am sure that they fill be taking part in many more,

The Panathlon Challenge Charity kindly ran an event at the Hollywood Bowl which allowed us to take 16 children for a fun packed session. They were so excited to go with one team taking 3rd place overall, winning an award for one competitor scoring over 100 and another won a framed certificate for achieving 2 strikes and 2 spares. All the children were very kindly given a medal and a certificate - a fantastic event and wonderful opportunity for us to attend!

We celebrated National Fitness Day with the whole school enjoying an activity session throughout the school day. Class 1 took part in ball games and Years 2,3,4,5 and 6 took part in an Interhouse Dodgeball competition with a win for England with 30 points, Wales 24 points, Scotland 22 and Ireland 20.

Congratulations to our Sports Leaders for 2023/24 who have been elected by the KS2 children, they will represent the children in school in any sports and playground requests and will support Mrs Palmer with sports competitions that we host or run in school.

Our first event on the sporting calendar was New Age Kurling which took place at the Marches School competing against 11 other teams. We sent 2 teams who used their skill and strength which resulted in 4th place for Criftins 2 in the trophy final and 1st place to Team 1 in the Certificate final.