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Criftins Church of England Primary School


We had a very special visitor...

The Eye of the Tiger.

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Shropshire Music Service came to perform for us. We really enjoyed it!

In Science,we investigated gears.

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We compared maps of Oswestry over time, and practised using grid references.

The Reverend Nigel came to talk to us about the meaning of Christmas.

Computing Technology.

Today class 3 and class 4 joined together to help each other understand more about Tinkercad and MSWLogo.

Young Health Champions and Mental Health.

Excitingly, we are helping to design a new shop front in Oswestry.

There’s a bit of a craze for writing stories in Y4.

In science, we tested different shapes for water resistance.

We examined “Stone Age” artefacts and made inferences.

Wow! Bestselling author Ben Clanton spoke to us all the way from Seattle!

The Saltmine Theatre Company.

A celebration of God’s work.

We tested our parachutes to see which fell most slowly.

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We looked at how parachutes use air resistance or drag to slow their fall.

Our trip to Oswestry! We visited the castle, had a tour around the high street and the old Hill Fort. We also interacted with the public by surveying their experiences of Oswestry.

Did both bottles land at the same time?

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We tested Galileo’s theory about the rate at which objects fall.

We went on a Prayer Walk around the village