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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Class 4

National Lockdown January 2021.

On Monday 4 th. January 2021 it was announced by Boris Johnson that all schools would be closing in response to Covid-19.

Remote Learning will take place using Seesaw.

All pupils should use their LOGIN details to access X3 learning sessions which will be delivered throughout the day.

Parents and pupils please LOGIN to Seesaw for more details.

Remember you can always contact me directly and quickly through Seesaw or by using the school email system.

Thank you for your support and keep safe.

Class 4 and our Year 6.

A New Year and a new Spring Term 2021, welcomes us as we return from our Christmas Holidays. Please make sure you pop back regularly to find out more about what we have been doing in class. If you would like to see what we did last term, click the Autumn Link below, it will give you an insight into what we did. Please also select Spring Term 2021, to find out more about this term and the exciting topics, themes and work we are doing.

Class 4 Pupils.

Welcome to Mr. Kennard


A BIG welcome to Mr. Kennard who will be with us in Class 4 until February 2021.  Mr. Kennard joins us from Chester University as he completes his PGCE - What a great asset to the class supporting the children and enriching their education.  We hope you enjoy your time with us.

Whilst working Remotely using Seesaw, we will still be following this current overview.

Spring Term Study 2021

Celebrate Remotely

I shall leave the following information as it may still be relevant when we do return to school following Lockdown.

Spring Term 2021 Timetable.

School days are busy and we always try to make sure our working week is a healthy balance of the creative curriculum. Year 6 need to be building confidence, organisation and also taking responsibility as these are essential skills and preparation for High School.


Monday will NO longer include an outdoor session due to the wet conditions and unsafe area of the Forest School Field. This should resume in the second half of the Spring Term.


Tuesday and Friday will be a PE day so please come dressed with your PE kit of shorts and t shirt top and trainers. As it will be cold you also need layers such as a fleece top and jogging bottoms.


Thursday is Home-Learning day. This is the day that work is discussed with pupils and should be completed at home by the following Thursday. Links and further information are posted onto Seesaw each Thursday.


Friday is Spellings. All pupils need to be learning the Statutory Year 5/6 Word List and in addition spellings lists are sent home each Friday and tested the following Friday.

Need to know more ?

All pupils in class 4 have a Seesaw Login. Seesaw is an electronic portfolio of work and a great way for pupils to store work. All Home-Learning Activities and some examples of pupils classwork are posted on Seesaw. We use Seesaw everyday so there is always something new for you to look at. Please click the Spelling link below if you require any spelling lists.

Please use this form to contact the class teacher