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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Year 6

Where possible teaching in English should link to the wider curriculum where pupils can build vocabulary to enrich their writing.  From the start pupils should all edit and improve their writing, beginning with reading back simple words or sentences to developing more complex editing strategies throughout the different year groups. Length of teaching units should be determined by the class teacher according to the needs of the class.

Year SIX

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


A Tiger in the Zoo

Outcomes: Endangered animals are the focus for this poetry unit. A range of poetry is looked at including William Blake’s Tyger, Tyger and there is a focus on making effective language and authorial choices

The Sea

Outcomes: A wide variety of poems are explored linking to the theme of the sea with an outcome of a narrative poem linked to a journey across the sea


Outcomes: The View from a Hot Air Balloon

Sonnets are explored with a final outcome of a poem in the style of a sonnet


Star of Hope, Star of Fear by Jo Hoestlandt

Outcome:  Flashback story

Information text


Can we save the tiger? by Martin Jenkins

Outcome:  Hybrid text - information and explanation

Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

Outcome:   Classic fiction



Jemmy Button by Alix Barzelay

Outcome:  Journalistic


Manfish by Jennifer Berne

Outcome:  Biography /hybrid text


Transition Unit

Outcome:  Narrative Fiction



Explanation (link to science)

Outcome: Report and present findings from enquires, including conclusions, casual relationships and explanations of and degree of trust in results.


Outcome: Writing in role using distinctive voices e.g. historical characters.  Provide a description from different perspectives e.g. police report, school report, newspaper or obituary.


Outcome: construct an argument in note from or full text to persuade others of a point of view and present to the class or group.  Use standard English appropriately.  Evaluate the effectiveness of the argument.


Outcome: A debate followed by a write-up which presents and evaluates the opinions of multiple differing view points.

Debating skills

Outcome:  A series of live debates on various subjects.  Children work in groups/pairs/individually to prepare and present points of views.  These should be presented to and evaluated by Y4/5.


All books/texts/excerpts used will be selected to enrich language.   Classrooms will be language rich environments and staff will promote a love of reading and writing.  Teachers are encouraged to immerse the children in language through Talk4Writing, book battles, poetry for performance, debate etc….  Teachers may choose one text to delve deeper into to enrich understanding and love for books at any point during the term. Pupils should be encouraged to write and read for pleasure and this should be celebrated.