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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Safer Schools Survey Feedback November 2019

The school received 18 responses to our safer schools survey.  


Do you feel that Criftins CE School site is safe?

Yes 100%

comment - yes very

No 0%
Do you feel that the site is tidy and welcoming?

Yes 100%

comment - yes very, yes always

comment - apart from dog mess when parking on the road

No 0%
Do you consider the directional signage around the school to be good?

Yes 100%

comment - yes if people paid attention to them e.g. by not parking on zig zags

comment - a sign to the hall for after school clubs would be a good idea. 

No 0%

Are you aware that as a parent/carer visitor during the school day,

you should report to the school reception via the main entrance?

Yes 100%

comment - definitely

No 0%
Do you feel that visitor badges are well deployed during the school day? Yes 83%



Unauthorised use of the school grounds can be an issue for schools.  

Are you currently aware of people using the school site out-of-hours?  

This would include people walking dogs. 

Yes 12%

comment - I have seen people walking on the school field with their dogs. 



Other comments:

  • I am happy to be a representative if I can. 
  • I feel that my children are very safe in Criftins.
  • People are still driving through the school gates to collect children
  • from school clubs etc... and are not always aware of who is around them.  
  • Also parking along side the lane from the lay-by entrance to school playing field making it not possible to pass.  School response - we regularly send out reminders about parking and use of the school car park. We are grateful to those who respect the local residents in the way in which they drive around the lanes.  We would ask that all drivers think about the way they drive on small country lanes.