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Artsmark & Creativity

Creativity is at the heart of Criftins School.  We believe that everyone is creative in their own way and that all aspects of life involve creativity.  We even have creativity as one of our six specific school values. Scroll down to read about our school events, we put FUN at the centre of our day in school. 

A New Arts Council for Criftins. Applications, shortlisting and interviews complete for another year. Exciting times ahead.

This years ARTS COUNCIL. The Ambassadors were very impressed with the quality of applications and the responses at interview. Congratulations to this years successful applicants

Enrichment Day.

It was wonderful working with some Secondary Art Specialist this week. It is amazing to see how work improves when you give feedback. Thank you to Leeanne Mee from ‘The Stem Workshop’ for using our school to support the students.

Exploring Parables through contemporary dance with Springs Dance Company

We did it! So pleased to be recognised for our rich curriculum! February 2019

Thank you for your submissions to Artsmark.


Your Statement of Commitment and Case Study have been reviewed by our assessment panel and we are delighted to inform you that Criftins CofE Primary School (DfE 8933031) has been awarded an Artsmark Gold Award. Congratulations!


The panel has made the following comment about your submissions:


Criftins School sets out a confident vision of an arts rich learning environment in a rural setting, where the capacity for risk taking and pushing boundaries among the staff has led to a flourishing of independent learning among pupils. The main thrust of activity seems to have been to move away from large scale ‘wow-factor’ performances a handful of times each year, and to instead embed arts rich learning in smaller, more personalised chunks throughout the year and across the curriculum. The Case Study suggests three main benefits that have accrued as a result: “Artsmark has enabled us to review what the Arts looks like across the curriculum and it now has a firm place in all subjects. We have been approached by local schools to share good practise and our partner federation has now stepped into the journey with us. Artsmark has enabled us to further develop our growth mindset culture; no longer do we have children who ‘can’t draw’ we have pupils who are individual in the way they create.  We believe we are quite brave in the way we structure our curriculum and as an outstanding primary school (Jan 2016) we have developed beyond what we thought ever possible always embracing new ideas and deepening current practise. Arts mark has supported our church school heritage and has brought creativity into worship which in turn has motivated our young children to be better citizens.” In order to build on these successes in the future and to consolidate your Artsmark award further it would be interesting to see deeper reflections on the link between your new curriculum and the high levels of achievement your learners are attaining. It would also be interesting to understand the way you are able to effectively share learning and practice with other schools more widely as your expertise progresses.


Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!

Please read below the Journey to ARTSMARK!

We are always working to extend our curriculum for our pupils, whether that is in the classroom, on Educational Visits, during extended schools or in the community.  During 2017/18 we worked towards ARTSMARK as a way of extending our provision and evaluating what we consistently provide as a school.  In 2017 during the summer term we achieved a heritage award form Historic England for our heritage study in the local community.  This was a wonderful project which is still ongoing and was a forerunner to us applying for the ARTSMARK Award.


If you have time and are interested please read our statement of commitment and our case study.  This outlines all that we aimed to do as a school and celebrates all that we keep on doing.  This process also made us recognise that we do far more every day than we actually realise which is regarded as just 'normal' practise in Criftins. 




Mrs Jones leads the development of arts across the school supported by the Staff and Federation Governors. She is your point of contact if you would like to get involved in school. We welcome local artists an arts groups and encourage the community to come and have a go!

Contact Mrs Mandy Jones - Arts Lead

Big Draw 2019

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People and communities drawn to life! What fun we had together exploring the work of Fuller, Da Vinci and even the famous illustrator and story writer - Roger Hargreaves. We even had time to create a giant drawing in the hall!

We love this work by class three. It is a map of Ellesmere in the style of Fuller, what a detailed piece!

Shropshire Music Soul Band


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A fun Saturday in Liverpool collecting our BIG DRAW AWARD at the Walker Gallery

The Big Draw 2018

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