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Criftins Church of England Primary School


The REST EASY Method is a self-help tool designed to offer pupils, parents & staff a new language & skills to promote mental wellbeing.   The method forms part of a whole school approach that teaches how to recognise & manage emotions using the simple REST EASY acronym & strategy.


The benefits of the method are:


*A new, simple language around mental health & well-being.

*A consistent, proven evidence based strategy validated by the University of Chester & backed by NHS Innovations Agency.

*A chance to build confidence, self-awareness, resilience & empathy.

*Opportunities to develop better friendships & relationships.

*Empowering students to know themselves & create their own self-help package.

*A toolbox of skills for self-regulation.

*Encouraging children to feel safe.

*Improved behaviour.

*Achievable goals.

*Help to nurture good mental health and emotional well-being for now and beyond.



REST EASY Training deliver programs across the Shropshire, the Wirral & Cheshire.  Other schools have been very pleased with the success of the method.