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Journey Days

Journey Day - what's all the fuss?

Every term we plan a Journey Day for all our pupils.  In life being able to think and reflect is really important for our mental well-being.  Journey Day is where our children go off the traditional time table, gather into house groups, family groups and focus on one area of personal/spiritual development.  As we are a Church School we choose significant days on the Christian calendar to delve deeper into the meaning.


We hope that through the experience pupils learn to live lives that make a difference in society.  The days are underpinned by our school values: creativity, respect, courage, friendship, perseverance and forgiveness.  


We add to the gallery of photos each time we have a Journey Day so please have a look at all the photos below which capture the days enjoyed together. 

Good to be ME!

Christmas Journey Day

Today we have been exploring the true meaning of Christmas.   Jesus was a gift to the world and he wants each and everyone of us to bring light to the world. We have explored the Christmas story and some of the characters even came to join us for the day. We have thought about all our special gifts and talents and how we can go and make a difference in the world. We had a visit from Father Christmas and spend some time in personal reflection.   Journey Day is always a special school family day.


Our first week back in school and our first Journey Day of 2023. Today the whole school gathered to celebrate the story of The Wise Men and how this incredible journey can be celebrated.  We have spent time together reflecting, learning about customs around the world, exploring what courage means and identifying how we can make a difference in the world. What a great start to the year. 

National Prayer Day.

Today was a special day to reflect, pause and pray for our local community.

22nd September 2022 is National Day of Prayer for schools.  We have had  'mini' Journey Day today focusing on prayer, the difference it makes in our lives and stepping out to pray for our community. We know that prayer plays a major role in Faiths across the globe.  We took a moment to look at what prayer was like for the great examples of People of Faith in the Bible. Are you someone who prays? We love these quotes from the children when asked what is prayer for:

"Peace and Harmony" (Year 1 pupil)

"When people pray together God hears and he answers them" (Year 5 pupil)