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Ofsted Report & Attainment

School Performance and Attainment

Attainment is a journey - not a destination – for every child and adult.  From the moment children enter our school we are encouraging them through modelling, practice, challenge and nuture.  No one year group achieves it all, all staff and all contributions make the difference, parents, siblings, carers, teachers, support staff and volunteers.  In Criftins we want children to ACHIEVE, we need them to BELIEVE they can and we CELEBRATE every step along the way.  Like any journey there may be easy parts and more challenging times and even points at which we fell we are standing still.  Learning is for life not just milestones.  This enables us to be better, do better, accept the things we cannot change and use opportunities of failure to rise up and succeed and ultimately MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  


Jeremiah 29v11 ‘for I know the plans  have for you’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ 

When looking at the outcomes from a small school, you should consider that differences may not be significant if you’re looking at a small year group. For example, if 1 pupil in a group of 10 fails to make expected progress, this will reduce figures by 10%, whereas in a group of 30 pupils, this would only reduce figures by 3%.

Small schools may also see a lot of variation in their results over time, due to the effect that 1 or 2 pupils’ results can have on the school average. We aim high for all our pupils in every cohort throughout the whole school so that they can achieve the best they can, but also that they move forward on to their next stage of Education prepared and confident for the new challenges they will face.