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Welcome to the first round of the Virtual Schools Challenge. We are one of over 500 schools/ colleges from across the country taking part in the challenge which is amazing, with students ranging from 4 to 18. We have 4 challenges to complete over the next 6 weeks where you could achieve an incredible 345 points. Some handy equipment for doing these activities in school are; hoops, cones/ markers, paper. If you are doing these activities at home, here are some ideas that could be used; a tie, scarf or towels to create the different shapes, tins or toilet rolls as cones/ markers. Good luck!

Round 1 - Please use this link to enter your scores for Round 1 - Please click here

Lenny's 4 Minute Fitness Blast

Lesson01 WreckIt FixIt 1

Lesson03 Touchdown LargeBallWork

Kate Dance Lessons 2