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Red Nose Day 2021 - the children looked magnificent all dressed in red this year and their challenge was to run an 'Egg and Nose' race - Class 1 ran their laps on the playground and Classes 2, 3 and 4 ran on the Daily Mile track. The concentration on their faces was brilliant and they all had a great time!

The results video has just come through from Sian Grassby, Marches School, our School Games Cluster Organiser.  The link below shows the results from the Autumn 2 Competition which was KS2 Chest Throw and Speed Bounce.

Criftins were;

6th overall in Year 3

3rd overall in Year 4

6th overall in Year 5

3rd overall in Year 6.

Well done everyone!


Class 4 have been taking part in the first round of the Virtually Boccia National Competition. As we are unable to go out to competitions it is great to be able to still compete as a school - the children enjoyed the 4 different activities which all help to improve their skills in controlling line, pace and accuracy when aiming at a target. The Criftins Sports Leaders along with the children who had already had a go at the challenge in the Hub did a marvellous job of running each station and scoring.

We had a great afternoon in PE when Class 3 took part in the Virtually Boccia Challenge Competition. The children who had had a go when they attended the Hub during lockdown were able to lead the stations by setting up, explaining the task and scoring - great skills to be practising ready for Year 6 as Sports Leaders!

Please see below the last 2 activities for the Virtual Boccia Challenge. Each challenge takes as long or as short a time as you have available and are great fun for children (and adults) of all ages. Please have a go and use the forms to send your scores into school so we can enter as many children as possible.

The children in the Hub have been busy taking part in the Boccia Challenge ready to enter the National Virtual Boccia Challenge.

Activity 2 Virtual Boccia Challenge

The children in the hub have been busy competing in the Virtual Boccia competition- their scores will be added together over the next few weeks and will be entered into the national competition at the end of February.

Welcome to the first round of the Virtual Schools Challenge. We are one of over 500 schools/ colleges from across the country taking part in the challenge which is amazing, with students ranging from 4 to 18. We have 4 challenges to complete over the next 6 weeks where you could achieve an incredible 345 points. Some handy equipment for doing these activities in school are; hoops, cones/ markers, paper. If you are doing these activities at home, here are some ideas that could be used; a tie, scarf or towels to create the different shapes, tins or toilet rolls as cones/ markers. Good luck!

Round 1 - Please use this link to enter your scores for Round 1 - Please click here

Here is a video link from Sian Grassby our School Games Cluster organiser.  The results are from the Autumn 1 set of challenges which took place in the first Autumn half term.  The two elements of the competition were Shuttle Run and Standing Long Jump.

Our results were;

Year 3 - 8th overall

Year 4 - 8th overall

Year 5 - 8th overall

Year 6 - 3rd overall.

Well done!

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