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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Futures Week

Futures week is an event which involves individuals from within the world of work to inspire our young people.  We hold the event every two years and make contact with local businesses and industries represented within our parent, carer and friend network.  We believe that this week is an insight into opportunities available to children when they leave school.  Once children have an idea of what they would like to do when they are older they can work towards their goal.  Goals motivate us to do better and reach higher.  It is so important to give children a sense of the big wide world we live in when they are young. 


We are extremely grateful to the individuals who have agreed to be part of our careers events and who have come into school to talk about their jobs and education. 


PSHE - Living in the Wider World

  • about respect for self and others and the importance of responsible behaviours and actions
  • about rights and responsibilities as members of families, other groups and ultimately as citizens
  • about different groups and communities
  • to respect diversity and equality and how to be a productive member of a diverse community
  • about the importance of respecting and protecting the environment
  • about where money comes from, keeping it safe and the importance of managing it effectively
  • the part that money plays in people’s lives
  • a basic understanding of enterprise               



Elephants at Criftins.

Our Futures Week began with an exciting introduction by our first visitor who explained about the conservation work they do at Chester Zoo. Miss. Rutendo Wazara, soon to be Dr. Wazara, is a elephant behaviour specialist. We learnt all sorts of incredible facts including how elephant poo can be analysed to determine the health and well being of an elephant. Miss. Wazara explained her work as a micro biologist analysing and testing samples which can be used to show when an elephant has been playing, has been happy and is unwell. Elephants play a huge role in nature helping both plants, animals and humans. Miss Wazara grew up in Africa surrounded by different animals and developed a love of caring for animals from a young age.  She is a qualified vet and after spending a period of time looking after Lions she is now working with the Elephants in Chester and Dublin Zoo's. 

Cancer Research and Medicine.

We started our afternoon session with an inspirational talk and presentation by Dr. Mandy Turton. It was fascinating to hear how Dr. Turton has travelled the world with her team of researchers. She shared the many roles and responsibilities and how passionate she is about medicine. Meeting with doctors to help to support their patients. Dr. Turton is actually a medical science liaison Manager which involves many aspects of science from research to manufacture. A specialist field of medicine also means attending conferences and meeting with expert doctors to discuss and further develop life saving treatment. Dr. Turton also explained how her daily commute is unlike most as she often has to travel abroad and is even based abroad.  Dr. Turton told the children to 'find some thing you love doing' - what an inspiration.

Dr. Olwen Owen Bioviewers, lungs and Science.

As we approached the end of our first day we were excited to meet Dr. Owen who brought with her a type of microscope for each of us to use. A bioviewer enables the user to read and find out more written information. Each pupil today was able to observe and record what they found out. Dr. Owen also brought in a set of lungs for pupils to have a look at. All valuable learning and also a great insight into the daily routine and work of Dr. Owen.

Helicopter Lands in Criftins Field!

Imagine going to school and then a surprise visit from RAF Shawbury takes place. Today we were all treated to the arrival of an RAF helicopter piloted by Major Rick and Major Danny who are currently serving in the Army. They circled around school as pupils waved and cheered. For a few moments the helicopter disappeared out of sight but soon reappeared and landed in our school field. The helicopter and crew stayed with us for the morning allowing all pupils access into the helicopter and time for questions and answers. School is a time to develop and be enthused about the world around us. This week is all about future aspirations. What an incredible experience!

Helicopter from Shawbury

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British Justice and a mock court.

This afternoon we welcomed one of our hard working governors Mrs. Lily Edwards, who has considerable experience working in the law courts. Using the style of a mock trial we used the idea of the defendant having stolen some food from a nearby supermarket. Several pupils acted within their court role including Miss Evans who was charged with the offence of theft.

Court is now in session.

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Careers Morning.

Today was a huge event where we welcomed a whole host of adults to talk about the many exciting jobs they do each day. From building contractors to prison wardens, cabin crew to dentists. National Trust to SP Energy, Police and Ambulance, Representatives from Mornflake to grain and manufacture.  It is so important to show the children that there are a whole range of jobs which they can aspire to do when they leave school.  We are incredibly grateful to all the adults who generously gave up their time to inspire our young people.  One year one pupil was overheard saying ‘this is the best week of my life’. It was wonderful to watch all of the children engage with a variety of adults, they were totally engrossed!