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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Spring Term 2024

The Worship Team led a talk and discussion with Class 3 about this half-term’s value, Forgiveness.

Being a Muslim in Britain.

Today we welcomed Imran who is a practising Muslim. Imran came to share with us about Islam and how the Islamic faith helps Imran and other Muslims lead their lives. Following an amazing whole school gathering, Imran stayed on in school to work with our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. Finding out about other religions is so important as it helps all of us to understand about diversity.

Bolton Mosque with Imran

Still image for this video

Kate Raggett Land Art Project.

Today was a great day to have a review of our bottle tops for our June Art Project. We have collected lots and lots of bottle tops and wanted to make sure we are sorting them into colour codes. We soon realised how popular white bottle tops are and also green! 
Please keep bringing those bottle tops into school, we need thousands !


Science Investigations.

Today we started to build on our knowledge by generating a question for us to investigate. We posed lots of different questions that we then tested to see if we could get our circuit to work. Our biggest challenge was to create one circuit with two bulbs so we could control the bulbs independently !

Hot Seating with the Selfish Giant. Great drama opportunities in our ‘pathways to write’ unit.

Read all about it.

Each week year 6 pupils take turns to present a news item in front of the whole school. Presenting, communicating and responding to large groups of adults and pupils takes great courage. Year 6 love it ! 

Young Enterprise - Snackshack.

A huge part of preparing our Year 6 for High School is about developing life skills. Through our SnackShack ( an idea from a former Year 6 pupil) pupils are involved in choosing snacks, placing orders, costing and selling Healthy snacks throughout the week. All profits raised are then put towards a Year 6 leavers trip event.

Science - Electricity.

This unit of work is a great unit for pupils investigating and finding out. Pupils will need to build, test and adapt circuits to make buzzers work and bulbs shine. Pupils will also set questions that involve investigations. It’s a fun unit of work full of learning and opportunities to explore.

All Change !

This term is a busy term. A time of preparation for our SATs and developing skills to prepare us for High School. Every few weeks we always have a move around of furniture and where we are sitting. It is important we can develop resilience and capacity for change and also the skills of collaboration by working with others.

Subject Knowledge Maps- What are we focusing on this term ?

Music with Mr Kitcher

How wonderful to see pupils taking part in a new unit of work. Using Glokenspiels to play, create music and read music. All great fun and learning wonderful skills.