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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Spring 2020

COVID contact

Please get in contact if you develop any symptoms. Help us to keep our community safe.

8th March 2021 Onwards

We are delighted to welcome you all back.   Please continue to follow guidelines below regarding drop off and pick up.  Please look at class pages for timetable information and we will continue with our weekly book exchange this term, therefore do not bring book bags or any unnecessary equipment. Thank you all for your continued support and for wearing masks to pick up and drop off your children. 


School Morning Drop Off

The back and front gate will be monitored by staff, just like we would do during the snow drop off so please do not worry about children coming into school, they will be well supported. 

The school gates will be open from 8.45am and we would ask that:

Class One and Two should enter school via the back gate. 

Class Three should enter via the hall door.

Class Four via the front reception entrance. 


School Afternoon Pick Up

Exit points:

Class one - coloured gate

Class two - by shelters 

Class three - hall door 

Class four - reception 


FAMILY GROUPS - to be picked up at 3pm prompt, the middle gate on site will be open for you to collect your children from the different exits. We would like you to pick your children up and leave in a prompt and calm manner, and as quickly as possible so the lanes are free for parking for the next pickup at 3.15pm.

Please observe social distancing at all times as you move around the site.


INDIVIDUAL CHILDREN/TWINS - to be released at 3.15pm (Please do not arrive early, we will hold onto your children and keep them safe until you arrive). Class 1 & 2 will be collected from the back gate (Playground) Class 3 & 4 will be collected from the front gate (Class 3 – Hall Door & Class 4 Reception door). The middle gate on site will be closed at this time to reduce contact between families so please park by your exit gate where possible.


There will always be a member of staff on site to help you – we are trying to adhere to government guidance and at the same time keep everyone safe on the lanes. Please do not double park and be mindful when you park that other vehicles need to pass, especially if there is an emergency in the local area. We spend a lot of time in school preventing children from mixing outside of bubbles, please respect this by keeping your children with you at all times


What we will do to support your child:

  • Provide hand sanitiser and hand washing stations. 
  • Provide extra cleaning throughout the school day to ensure classes and toilet areas are kept as clean as possible. 
  • Lay out the classrooms so that children are sitting next to each other not facing one another. 
  • Provide all the equipment pupils will need to complete their school work
  • Divide the school day up into blocks where children are able to play in smaller groups.
  • Take lots of learning outside. 
  • Hot meals will be available for all children.  If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals please get in touch with the school.   Meals are free for all children in Reception to Year 2 and to children in receipt of free school meals.  School meals can be ordered at a cost of £2.30 per day for all other pupils.
  • Provide a broad and rich curriculum which will allow children to address possible gaps in learning, in a way which is interesting and engaging. 
  • Update class pages to include the timetable for the week so that your child can come to school prepared.
  • Contact you immediately if your child becomes ill. 


What we need you to do:

  • Send children to school in clean uniform daily.
  • Do not send your child to school if you think they may be ill or any one in your household has any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 - a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell. 
  • Ensure children with long hair have it tied back neatly. 
  • Keep all belongings at home apart from a water bottle (no juice) and lunch box if required. 
  • Lunch boxes should be plastic and easily wiped down, please ensure that lunch boxes are cleaned daily. 
  • Ensure all belongings are labelled clearly
  • Ensure you have access to the school app as information on the web and app will be updated on a regular basis. Keep an eye on class pages for individual class information.
  • Ensure school have your most up to date contact information as you need to be contacted urgently should your child become ill or in case of an emergency. 



We believe that there is no replacement for a physical book and we would like to continue to allocate books to children to support their learning.   Books will be allocated to children on a Monday afternoon, we would like all books returned on a Friday morning so that they can be quarantined for future use by other children.  If you miss the Friday deadline it would be advisable to keep that particular book for another week before returning it to school. This system is in place for your protection. 



The way in which we structure lessons (currently) in school will change with fewer opportunities for children to do group work and move around.   Therefore, we recognise, that now more than ever, the work we do with the children wherein they can team build and get outside/get physical, is so important.   Pupil mental health is at the forefront of our agenda.   With this in mind, all children will have one session of Forest School per week and at least one PE lesson.   The daily mile will be completed as part of the 'fit for life' programme. 

On Forest School days pupils should come to school wearing their own (warm) clothes with waterproofs and wellies in a bag.  On PE days pupils should wear their PE kit with their school jumper on top.   It would be advisable for all children to have jogging bottoms (Navy) as the weather gets colder. 


We are attempting to have NO clothing changes in school. We are hoping that school life will gradually return to a new normal. 


Contact Us

We know you may have questions or concerns so please do not hesitate to get in touch via the form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Remote Learning Policy

1. Aims
This remote learning policy for staff aims to:
•    Ensure consistency in the approach to remote learning for pupils who aren’t in school
•    Set out expectations for all members of the school community with regards to remote learning
•    Provide appropriate guidelines for data protection

2. Roles and responsibilities

2.1 Teachers
When providing remote learning, teachers must be available between 8.45am and 3.30pm 
If they’re unable to work for any reason during this time, for example due to sickness or caring for a dependent, they should report this using the normal absence procedure. 
When providing remote learning, teachers are responsible for:
•    Providing age-appropriate learning 
•    Giving feedback to pupils
•    Taking registers to ensure all pupils are engaging
•    Monitoring the use of online subscriptions for learning
•    Reporting to the Designated Safeguarding Lead if there are concerns around pupil well-being
•    Engaging with parents/carers to provide support where necessary especially in the area of special educational needs and vulnerable pupils. 
•    Attending virtual meetings 

2.2 Teaching assistants
When assisting with remote learning, teaching assistants must be available between 9.00am and 3.00pm
If they’re unable to work for any reason during this time, for example due to sickness or caring for a dependent, they should report this using the normal absence procedure. 
When assisting with remote learning, teaching assistants are responsible for:
•    Supporting pupils with SEND or who aren’t in school with learning remotely 
•    Supporting the class teacher/pupils and parents/carers where necessary to ensure all pupils engage in remote learning

2.3 Subject leads
Alongside their teaching responsibilities, subject leads are responsible for:
•    Considering whether any aspects of the subject curriculum need to change to accommodate remote learning
•    Working with teachers teaching their subject remotely to make sure all work set is appropriate and consistent
•    Alerting teachers to resources they can use to teach their subject remotely

2.4 Executive Headteacher 
Is responsible for:
•    Co-ordinating the remote learning approach across the school 
•    Monitoring the effectiveness of remote learning through regular meetings with teachers and subject leaders, reviewing work set or reaching out for feedback from pupils and parents
•    Monitoring the security of remote learning systems, including data protection and safeguarding considerations

2.5 Designated safeguarding lead
The DSL is responsible for:
The safeguarding and well-being of all pupils.  See the responsibilities outlined in our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. 
•    Meeting with the C4K (Caring for Kids) team made up of the Headteacher, SENDco and learning mentors to review pupil well-being and engagement. 
•    Monitor well-being calls made to families regularly.  Calls may be made to pupils who are not engaging with remote learning, pupils already receiving learning mentor or SEN support and/or pupils with vulnerable needs.

2.7 Pupils and parents
Staff can expect pupils learning remotely to:
•    Be contactable during the school day – although consider they may not always be in front of a device the entire time
•    Complete work to the deadline set by teachers
•    Seek help if they need it, from teachers or teaching assistants
•    Alert teachers if they’re not able to complete work
Staff can expect parents with children learning remotely to:
•    Make the school aware if their child is sick or otherwise can’t complete work
•    Seek help from the school if they need it
•    Be respectful when making any complaints or concerns known to staff

2.8 Governing body
The governing board is responsible for:
•    Monitoring the school’s approach to providing remote learning to ensure education remains as high quality as possible.  
•    Ensuring that the schools continue to provide an ‘outstanding learning culture’ for all pupils/ 
•    Ensuring that staff are certain that remote learning systems are appropriately secure, for both data protection and safeguarding reasons
•    Supporting the well-being of the whole school community 

3. Who to contact
If staff have any questions or concerns about remote learning, they should contact the following individuals:
•    Issues in setting work – talk to the relevant subject lead or SENCO
•    Issues with IT – talk to SLT and Computer Factory (IT Support)
•    Issues with their own workload or wellbeing – talk to the Executive Headteacher or line manager
•    Concerns about data protection – talk to the data protection officer
•    Concerns about safeguarding – talk to the DSL


4. Data protection
4.1 Accessing personal data
When accessing personal data for remote learning purposes, all staff members will:
•    Access the data, on a secure cloud service Microsoft Office 365, My Concern, DC Pro and other secure digital platforms,
•    Staff should access data using the school laptop or IPAD
•    Follow the acceptable user policy for IT and ensure GDPR guidelines are followed. 

4.2 Processing personal data
Staff members may need to collect and/or share personal data such as email addresses as part of the remote learning system. As long as this processing is necessary for the school’s official functions, individuals won’t need to give permission for this to happen.
However, staff are reminded to collect and/or share as little personal data as possible online.

4.3 Keeping devices secure
All staff members will take appropriate steps to ensure their devices remain secure. This includes, but is not limited to:
•    Keeping the device password-protected – strong passwords are at least 8 characters, with a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters (e.g. asterisk or currency symbol)
•    Making sure the device locks if left inactive for a period of time
•    Not sharing the device among family or friends
•    Installing antivirus and anti-spyware software
•    Keeping operating systems up to date – always install the latest updates


5. Monitoring arrangements
This policy will be reviewed as required in line with any changes by the Executive Headteacher, it will be approved by the full governing body at each review.


6. Links with other policies
This policy is linked to our:
•    Behaviour policy
•    Safeguarding and Child protection policy
•    Data protection policy and privacy notices
•    Home-school agreement
•    ICT and e-safety acceptable use policy
•    ICT Security Policy