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Fun Creative Writing Ideas for Y3-6

If you're after some extra, arty-crafty writing activities to keep your child occupied, I have a good selection on my Writing Club blog. Check out the links below and see if any of the ideas take your fancy!


1. Make up a story about a thumbprint character.


2. Have a go at a clerihew poem.


3. Write a story on a roll of paper:


4. Invent a creature out of a pair of eyes.


5. Dissect an egg (good if you're going on to make scrambled eggs).


6. Design and write a postcard.


7. Compile a joke book.


8. Invent a new snack bar and advertise it.


9. Write a funny poem about a dog.


10. Fun Facts About Me.


11. Crazy recipes.


12. Riddles.


13. Box of Whackiness.


14. Chain stories.


15. What’s Inside Your Brain?


16. Outrageous Lies About Fruit.


17. One-line Pop-up Fantasy Stories


18. The Ugliest Dog in the World.


19. Invasion of the Furry Worms.


20. Bad Pet Diary


21. Concertina Books


22. Brilliant Me.


23. Magic Rings.


24. Spoon Wars