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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Exciting morning observing writing

This year as part of our school development focus on writing I have had the privilege of observing writing throughout the school on a regular basis.  Observing writing has involved: children bringing their work to share with me; talking to children about their lessons and progress; looking at progress in books with the teaching staff and Governors and sitting in lessons seeing how it all happens.


As Head teacher of the school going into lessons is my favourite bit because this is where the magic happens.    The children are relaxed, focused, happy, motivated and therefore learning.  This week I had the pleasure of visiting class one and two.  It is amazing to look at how children progress from their point of entry to Criftins to year three.  Our two fabulous teachers  take the children on an exciting journey whilst developing their key skills each step of the way. 


Have a look at the photos to see the visit from the 'Greenling' and the day 'Mr Large was left to look after the children'.