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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Criftins children create public art for the village

"What a lovely bit of news in the midst of gloom," a man called cheerfully across the car park of the Parish Pump. It was smiles all round.


Four of our children, the two Arts Ambassadors plus two supporters, were busy decorating the BT boxes on the main road through Dudleston Heath. Under the direction of local artist Liz Toole, plain white walls were gradually transformed with purple and gold borders, regal crowns and stately swans, a royal oak and a cheeky corgi.


It can be challenging to paint outside on a windy day but the students worked intensively and with great care for hours. Their emerging pictures attracted much comment, with villagers coming up one after another to say how much they admired the decorations and how the jubilee emblems would brighten the area. The children were, in turn, encouraged by the compliments, and focused even harder on the job.


When they finally laid down their paintbrushes, I don't think any of them could believe how much had achieved in such a short time. From their early, tentative sketches in the hall, they had a created bold and striking piece of public artwork for everyone in Criftins to enjoy. 

Well done to our young artists!