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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Writing Club

Summer Term 2024

Some activities Spring term 2022

Fingerprint Stories

Making fingerprint characters ready for a story

Aliens in our midst!

Clerihew Poems

Till Roll Stories

We imagined strange, nocturnal creatures...

Poems about the secrets inside an egg

We wrote teeny weeny books

We wrote Christmas postcards to people we cared about.

Making joke books!

We created adverts for new chocolate bars.

This week, Writing Club produced a performance poem based on Michael Rosen's work. Click below to see it.

We examined cabbages and wrote poems.

Who stole the treasure? Our detectives had to work it out...

Recipes for Disaster

Riddles in metaphors - who's being described?

A tortoise visited Writing Club!

We each made a Box of Whackiness, full of wholesome dares.

New Term, New School Rules

For the last session of the year, we made paper chain stories.

Showcasing the Children's Work

This week we wrote a whodunnit...

We wrote some crazy lies about fruit!

Finished Fantasy Stories

One-line Pop-up Fantasy Stories

A Snake Visits Writing Club!

Getting ready to write concertina books

Making crazy random messages at the end of the session...

We wrote about whales...