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Criftins Church of England Primary School

KS1 & KS2 Gymnastics

12.10.2021 Handstand Week. We worked on various progressions for the handstand.

6.10.2021 In Gymnastics Club this week we have been very lucky to have our new crash mat. We had lots of fun doing our warm up on it and practising some skills.

1/7/2021. We had lots of fun practising balances this week.

Autumn 2019

Fun last Gymnastics lesson with KS2!

KS1 Gymnastics Club

The children were asked to make and perform a Gymnastics routine. It had to have a minimum of 5 moves including a roll, a jump and a balance. The children also had the additional task of mirroring one another when performing. They did a fantastic job!
KS2 have been working with the ropes to help build their core strength. On floor we have been working on a variety of different skills.