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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Maths Whizz Update

Maths-Whizz 2.0 will launch on Wednesday this week. Maths-Whizz 2.0 will be easier to use, more engaging for students and more personalised than ever before. Most importantly, you'll now be able to use Maths-Whizz on any device without the need to download an app. You can watch a short video and read all about it here (please click)


What happens next?

When you or your students log in to Maths-Whizz any time from Wednesday onwards, you will simply be taken straight to the new version. Just use your existing login and password.


Which browsers can I use?

Maths-Whizz 2.0 can be accessed from most browsers, however, please ensure you have the latest versions installed.

Maths-Whizz 2.0 will not currently work on Internet Explorer 11, but this is something we are working on.  We advise that you switch to an alternative browser for the time being.


Do I need Puffin Academy or Live Cirrus apps?

No! You can access Maths-Whizz 2.0 from any device by logging in at