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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Topic Work.

Vocalise with Lakelands School.

It is always wonderful when we have the opportunity to work with othteachers Ahuge thank you to and enthusiasts. Today we were visited by two members of staff from Lakelands High School. We began with Stuart Nicholl (Music Teacher) and Hannah Davie (Creative Arts Technician and singing teacher) having fun singing and moving which led to our involvement in a community Vocalise Project. Once we were warmed up we began learning our performance song for the evening of 11th. July, 2018.


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Inspired at Lichfield Cathedral.


A wonderful and memorable experience was achieved when upper key stage pupils visited Lichfield Cathedral. This historic and sacred building dates back over 800 years and places great emphasis on the teaching of Saint Chad.

Pupils joined with our Fedration team members from Cockshutt Primary for a day which included 4 inspirational and spiritual activities.

Fabulous Powerpoint By Elsie

Examining Fossils.

Today we began the process of observing and measuring our fossils. It is incredible to think we are looking at the remains of tiny creatures that existed millions of years ago.

Fossils and Science.

We all had a treat today when one of our year 5 brought in some amazing stones. Each stone revealed a hidden gem, a fossil !

Changing the tadpoles’ water. We talked about why you can’t use tap water, and what stage of development is coming next...

Tadpoles, early May.

Wonderful piece of Homework.


Land Use and Settlement is all about learning about the world around us. From map work to places and people. Answering questions about why people live where they live. Over the holidays we began by thinking about countries and places we felt special about.