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Topic Work

Whittington Castle and Oswestry Hill Fort.

As part of deepening our learning and historical understanding, we decided to organise a day trip in out local area. Firstly we visited Oswestry HillFort. This place dates back to the Iron Age and is still clearly visible, nestled amongst houses in Oswestry. The Hill Fort is reputed to be the best in the UK. Once we had visited the Hill Fort we then travelled to Whittington Castle for fun, dressing up and historical information. A great day out, studying local history !


Eglantyne Jebb.


Today we began to present our work on this incredible lady. Eglantyne was a co founder of Save The Children which she set up 100 years ago this year. This wonderful project brings together history and art work in an exciting way.

Bayeaux Tapestry.

As we return from our half-term we are going to focus on art and design technology. A wonderful link to our castle and Invaders topic is the historic tapestry which retells the famous 1066 Battle of Hastings. The actual tapestry is over 68 metres long and once we had organised the re tell of events we started to draw out the story. We managed to organise the story into 13 sections. Using paper we drew out the images and then once happy we used a piece of fabric. Some parts of the story needed condensing again which meant we had to select aspects of our drawings across several pieces of paper to place in to one piece of fabric.

Stitch together!

Still image for this video
Thank you Mrs Reincke who has facilitated this wonderful piece of work. An experience the children will remember forever!

St. Martins Mythical Beasts.

Today we travelled to our nearby high school, St. Martins School to work on Mythical Beasts. This is the second instalment of our project with St. Martins following on from our Mining project work. We began the day by researching and responding to mythical beasts which then led to creative writing and art work.

Making Bread.

The freshness, smell and taste of home cooked bread is fabulous. Today class 4 worked together using a recipe to make some bread. Lessons such as this bring together the pupils in a shared activity but also teach them about cookery and even Science. Remember how the cooked flour and all the ingredients will create an irreversible change. It also made school smell wonderful.

Does temperature affect dissolving ?

This week in Science we wanted to scientifically investigate the process of dissolving. Using equipment we predicted, measured, observed, tested and recorded our findings.

Let Battle Commence!

This week we began the process of linking our Literacy Playscripts to our topic of Invaders and Settlers. Many years ago battles across the land would have taken place, often involving Castles, kings and Queens. Today pupils used everyday item of junk to make their own swords, daggers and shields.

Where in the World ?

Today we focussed on locating countries in Europe. It is surprising to find out there are 50 countries each with many interesting facts and landmarks. After working together placing post it notes on a big map, we each investigated different countries using our iPads.

Do all liquids freeze ?

Green Screen Battles.

A great project today as pupils researched a range of famous Battles and then prepared reports to be filmed using our IPads. Projects such as this can be brought alive when incorporating Green Screen technology. This is where images are super-imposed onto a green background and then used to record a video.

Investigative Science.

All too often science can become knowledge based where pupils learn about facts and information. Today was about investigating, predicting and making direct observations. Our focus today was to use techniques of filtering, separating, sieving and sorting materials. It was great fun mixing different materials together and then investigating to see if they could be separated.

Pasta and Paperclips.

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Materials and their Properties.

As part of our Science work we began by thinking about how we can recognise materials often just by touching them. Without looking we had a little bag full of of mystery items. We soon began to piece together the clues to work out what each item was. One or two surprised us !

Castles and displays.


Wow, a great start to day one of a new term with New Displays in class and fabulous work completed at home. Already we have castles and map work which make our classroom an exciting place to be.