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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Summer Term 2022

Summer Term 2022.

Time has flown so quickly as we now enter into our final term. Our Year 6 will be thinking about SAT's, transition and moving on, whilst our year 5 prepare for their next role around school - being the eldest pupils.



On MONDAY each week there will be a change of timetable.

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils will be involved in an outdoor curriculum. All pupils will need suitable outdoor clothing to take part in activities on both the School Field and Forest School Area. This will commence on our FIRST day back in school after the Easter Holidays.


Wednesday Revision Club for Year 6 pupils. (3.15pm - 4.15pm ).


Thursday will continue to be Home Learning set and due in, completed by the following Thursday.


Friday will be celebration assembly, Spelling Test day and also PE.

Pupils should come to school dressed in their PE kit and wear, if necessary a school cardigan or jumper.

Geography Mapping

Today we continued to focus on examining a range of maps. It’s important the all of us develop the skills of using maps beyond GPS mapping that all too often is used for us to navigate. Today was about using large scale OS maps and examining how they key is used to represent features.


It is always a special time of year when it is a birthday. How wonderful to be in school, with friends. A time to sing, have fun and eat cake.

Rest Easy Ambassadors 

Today our very special badges arrived and were presented to our C4 Rest Easy team leaders. Rest Easy is all about supporting pupils with mental well being. A wonderful project involving pupils helping pupils.

Shropshire Community Health

Today we welcomed Jacqui and Kelly from Shropshire Nursing Team to talk to our pupils about Mental Health and well being. It was good to be able to think about us as individuals and how we have coped with the many changes that have occurred. Some of these changes are in response to COVID but also how we cope with every day. Some times life can be a challenge and it is important to develop strategies to enable us to be able to cope.

Hoodies for Year 6.

Time has flown already and our Year 6 special Leavers Hoodies have arrived in school. Our year 6 have been a wonderful, hard working group. We are all so proud of you. Enjoy wearing your Hoody top and enjoy the rest of your time here at Criftins.

Ellesmere Music Festival.

Today the whole school joined together to produce Bunting for our forthcoming Summer Festival. We used old and outgrown T shirts and then designed bunting triangles using the theme of music, Ellesmere and Criftins. A huge thank you to our hard working PTA who have offered to sew all the triangles together. A great team effort, thank you.

Science : Habitats and Incubation.

Today we took the opportunity to find out more about the development of duck embryo. Having an incubator in school was exciting especially as it contained 4 live duck eggs. We soon realised how an incubator attempts to copy the process of incubation which would naturally occur in the wild. We hope one or more of the eggs hatches into a baby duckling. Incubation temperature is around 37.5 degrees Celsius for 28 days.

Art : Contemporary artist Jane Perkins.

Finding out about the motivation of what inspires an artist is exciting. This term we are studying the work of Jane Perkins. This week we began to create our own mood board of inspiration.

Last chance Electrical Kits.

Our DT and Science unit of work last term prompted so much enquiry. We wanted to find out more about metals conducting electricity. We knew that metal does conduct heat and also electricity, but are all metals able to do this ? A huge thank you to Lakelands Academy for loaning their electrical kits for us to use.

Physical Education - Tennis.

It was a beautiful day as we gathered in the playground to develop the skills needed for tennis. We learned about hitting, bouncing and serving the ball. Great fun !


Our History topic got started this week with some great research and fact finding on our topic of Railways.