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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Summer Term 2021

Welcome to our Summer Term Page. We are now in our final term! Look at our fabulous display which showcases our topics for this term! 

Today the class opened their letters that they wrote in year 4. The envelopes contained a photo of themselves, a piece of string of their height in year 4 and a letter to their future self.

Move up and Transition to High School.

After our wonderful week together and with only one final week of school remaining we welcomed our Christian Distinctiveness Worker, Jane Webber. Jane came to see us to help us to talk about and prepare for High School. It’s a big event leaving primary school after so many years but also an exciting time. Pupils react and deal with change in different ways and today Jane helped us to feel confident about moving on. It was also wonderful how Jane shared the story of Jesus calming the storm- a reminder of how God and Jesus can help us when we are afraid, worried or scared. 

Year 6 Special Camping Treat.

Hard work and effort deserve a treat. Year 6 together decided on a special final treat that they wanted to do. There were lots of suggestions including a visit to the beach, go-karting, paintball but in the end democracy prevailed and an overnight camp was planned.

On the build up to our overnight stay it rained and rained and for a few days we waited in the hope we would have some dry weather. 
We didn’t need to worry, the sun shone even through the whole day and night allowing us to have fun and an overnight sleep. Well done to everyone for surviving !

Skip your way to fitness.

Today we had a great time in the hall getting super fit, having fun together and also learning how to skip.

Live Picture News.

Something a bit different today as we logged into TEAMs for a live event. The team at Picture News hosted a super event including looking at the World Alternative Games, Writing fun Newspaper Captions and then later in the morning expressing ourselves through Emotion Art.

Springs Dance Company.

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Today we were joined by the Springs Dance Company performing Parable.

Today we prepared and cooked a pitta pizza from scratch and cooked it on an outdoor campfire-delicious!

Raspberry Pi.

Today we completed our final part of training and use of Raspberry pi. It has been wonderful using these mini devices, learning how to code using Python and also connecting LEDs, resistors and buttons from the GP10 board and Camjam kit. A huge thank you to the wonderful training and support from Miss Fletcher and e2e education. It has been awesome. 

We said a sad goodbye to our student teacher in Class 4 today Miss Roberts. She has been a lovely addition to our class and we wish her lots of luck in the future.

Federation Sport at Lakelands Academy.

It has been such a long time since pupils have been able to get out of school together as a class but also to play at another venue. This week both Criftins Year 6 and Cockshutt pupils met at Lakeland’s Academy to play Tri-golf and Archery. It was great seeing pupils have fun and at the same time learning new skills. A huge thank you to Mollie Croxton and Sue Palmer for organising. 

More Raspberry Pi

Today we welcomed back e2 e Education for another huge slice of Raspberry Pi. Using these marvellous mini computers is great fun. Have a browse through our images to give you a little understanding about using LEDs, resistors and coding in Python !

In Class 4’s P.E lesson we did Archery and Rounders.

Raspberry Pi - with e2e education

Today we welcomed Miss Fletcher from e2e education into our classroom. She is here for three sessions to teach us about Raspberry Pi devices. We have learnt how to connect the Raspberry Pi to a monitor and mice, and we also connected LED lights to a circuit board which we can control with the Raspberry Pi. 


The class really enjoyed the session and cannot wait for next week! 

Rachel Ducker art session! 

Today our lovely governor Sally Harris kindly came into class 4 to teach us how to make some fabulous wire sculptures in the style of Rachel Ducker. The whole class thoroughly enjoyed the session and they have created some beautiful work! 

Tennis taster


Today we had Sarah from Lawn Tennis Association come in to give us an amazing tennis taster, which the class really enjoyed!

West Mercia Police 

Today was great because we welcomed Maria from the West Mercia Police to talk to the children about safety. She focused on internet safety which is very important as most of the children have access to the internet, so they need to know how to keep themselves safe. 

Cricket Skills and PE 

Today we were really lucky to have a professional coach called James come into school to help us develop our cricket skills. We practised the skills of throwing, catching, bowling and batting. It was soon time for a team game where we had lots of opportunity for batting, fielding and having fun. A huge thank you to Mrs Palmer for organising. 

D&T- Making a healthy cake.

It is important that we look after ourselves, by having a healthy lifestyle and diet. As part of our D&T curriculum we have been challenged to make a healthier cake. We decided to reduce the amount of fat, sugar and salt. One of our pupils did some research and showed us a recipe and how to make it. 


Enjoying the cake!

Forest School Fun!

As part of our creative outdoor learning, we started using natural materials to create a frame. 

Birthday Celebration.

It’s always great when there’s a birthday to celebrate, even better when there’s cake!

Guinea Pig Visit.

Today we linked our Science topic and Habitats by finding out more about these curious little creatures. One of our year 6 brought in their pet gunnies pigs and was able to share relevant facts. It was incredible to find out how naturally guinea pigs live in South America and burrow into the ground.

Sunflower Planting.

We welcomed the Horticulture Society today who have challenged us to grow our own Sunflower. It should be great fun seeing our plants develop as the sun shines and they grow taller and taller. 

Access All Areas.

Today we linked technology and music by watching the behind the scenes footage of how Shropshire Music Service work together to produce the Shropshire Music Week Focus. It was interesting meeting online different members of the team and also seeing how the behind the scenes team work to pull together the event. After we had the opportunity to spend time with Mr Tim Kitcher and ask him questions about his role with Shropshire Music Service. It was wonderful to be able to spend time listening, asking questions and finding out about the joys of music.

In Forest School we learnt to do a clove hitch, square lashing and flapping to tie two sticks together to eventually make a frame.

Art : Alexander Calder.

Today we began the process of finding out about our art focus for this term. We are studying the work of American Sculpture and Metal Mobile artist Alexander Calder. This incredible artist was born during Victorian times and died in the 1970s. After watching an exhibition in the Tate Modern, London on YouTube, we began looking more closely at some of his work.

English : Hot Seating Drama with Jacques Cousteau.

Bringing English alive is so important. This term we are enjoying our new Pathways text and the story/ biography of Jacques Cousteau. Using what we know, we interviewed one of our pupils who responded to questions posed as though he was the famous deep sea diver from the book.

Science : When Acorn came to visit !

It was exciting when we found out Mr. Wesley was in school and he had brought with him his class pet, Acorn the tortoise. We all had a look at this incredible creature and also learnt about his habitat and diet. It was fascinating to be able to link the visit with our Science Habitat work. Such an adventurous little animal and such fun for all of us to see.


This term we are focusing each week on the News and current events. Using the Weekly Picture News we spend time thinking about the news event and responding to it. It’s important we know about the World we live in and also think about the contribution we can make.

Rugby League Challenge Activities - Getting ready for virtual inter-school competitions.

Bike Safety and Bike-ability.

Today the sun was shining as groups of pupils each had expert tuition and support in completing tasks associated with riding a bicycle safely. Once pupils have mastered control, safe handling and correct use of brakes it was time to practise beyond the playground. Riding a bike is great fun, great exercise and a great way to travel around whilst keeping fit and healthy. Tomorrow and Wednesday of this week will continue to develop our year 6 in both confidence, ability and knowledge of how to stay safe whilst on the roads. 


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Mastering two wheels.

Brave first Steps Mastering Balancing !

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Daily Mile Benchmark.

Today was an important day as we ran as many laps as we could in 15 minutes. Daily mile is an important part of the day. It focuses on daily activity to help is remain fit and healthy. Today we each ran as far as we could and as fast as we could recoding our laps. Next week we will see if we can improve on our distances. 

English - Literacy Pathways Manfish.

This week we began our new text which focuses on the biography of the famous deep sea diver Jacques Cousteau. Have a listen to our short poem examples which capture a little of the magic of underwater life.


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Bubbles under the water...

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The Flying Scotsman.

Today we were honoured to see a model of the famous high speed train - The Flying Scotsman. Our year 6 pupil had brought this in from home to explain how this famous train had been a former World Record Breaking train and had been recently restored. Bringing our topics alive through models is a great way to imagine and also discover more. 

Music - ukulele.

What a great first week back as we welcome our new music tutor from Shropshire Library Service- Mr. Tim Kitcher. Over the next few weeks we will continue to learn about rhythm and also both playing and singing. Sounds fun !


Today we introduced a new initiative based on helping pupils to resolve problems and promote healthy approaches to managing behaviour. SUMO is a great series of learning workshops to provide each of us with strategies and techniques to deal with life and healthy relationships.

SUMO - Hippo Time.

Today we worked together on one of our forthcoming videos on SUMO. You will be able to watch the video in the next few weeks. All SUMO link videos are stored on the main homepage under our Video Resource Library. It’s well worth a visit as it contains lots of exciting links and videos created by staff. 

Aerial Hippo Time

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Get set....Go !

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Learning Outside the Classroom - Maths Measurement.

On our first day back we took advantage of the gorgeous weather to find out about measures and distance. Our new unit of Maths will focus on converting units of measuring. To be able to convert we need also to be able to make sense of distance through practical work.

History- Railways.

It was fabulous today when we were able to see a railway set from the 1960s and 1970. Each of the model pieces were representations of the old steam powered trains and the more modern electric or diesel locomotives. It was great listening to how these toy trains had buildings and figures to accompany the whole experience.