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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Summer 2018.

Visiting Scientists on the last day!

Shropshire Music Service.


With hard work, concentration and determination great things are possible.

Playing together, July, 2018.

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Dance to the beat with Derwen College.


It was wonderful as part of Arts Week to work with Derwen College exploring dance and performance. Our creative curriculum emphasises the importance of developing skills across a wide range of subjects, which includes dance and expressive arts. It was great to see the class laughing and having fun whilst also learning about habitats. Another huge thank you to Derwen College for their time, effort and support.

No lions are sleeping here !

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What a great performance!

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Under the Sea with Derwen College.


As part of Arts Week today we had an incredible afternoon when we worked with staff and pupils from Derwen College. Our theme was sea creatures and an under the sea topic. We had great fun colouring, sticking, painting and creating. Projects like this make school such fun and at the same time develop our artistic skills. A huge thank you for the time, effort and resources given to us from the college.

Year 6 Leavers.

It was wonderful to be able to see year 6 pupils having a relaxing time and having fun together on their treat out. With huge support from The Venue we were able to offer a few hours of bowling, laser quest and a meal. Time together is so precious and this may be the last opportunity pupils get to be with each other having fun and chilling out. It was a bit dark and scary in the laser quest and pupils kept aiming for me so there are not any photos, but have a look at our wonderful year 6 playing bowling!

Transport through the Ages.


Pupils were surprised today as they arrived in the school playground to discover 3 historic vehicles parked. History is about preserving the past, comparing it to the present but also about creating excitement and curiosity. Our 3 vehicles today were very kindly brought in by staff and allowed pupils to ask questions, engage in the past and also see at first hand 3 very different vehicles. Have a look for yourself. Which one would you take home ?

St. Martins School Project.


Our third and final visit to St. Martins was a wonderful Far Eastern Experience. This wonderful community project began back in Autumn when the whole class were involved in a performance on stage. In Spring we then visited Ruthin Gaol. Our visit this term was to develop an understanding of entertainment through Shadow Puppets and playing musical instruments. Far Eastern Music makes use of the pentatonic scale which uses 5 main notes.

A huge thank you to all the staff and St. Martins School for their funding, support and including our class !

The Literacy Shed.


Using inspiration from The Shirt Machine animation we decided to interview through Hot Seating the famous inventor.

The Famous Inventor

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Year 5 Creative Writers!

Five of our Year 5s got the opportunity to work with Y9 Lakelands students, writing and producing their very own story book. Thank you to the Lakelands school team for their help and support.

Nancy wins Poetry Competition.


After entering the Welshpool Poetry Competition we were delighted to hear that 3 of our pupils from class 4 were commended for their outstanding work. Kirsty and Ellie received special mentions and Nancy was the overall WINNER in the competition!

School is about having fun but also developing the skills necessary to become successful. Fabulous effort by all of class with a wonderful outcome.

Class Band.

 Wow, music has progressed immensely from not even being able to produce a sound or note to actually playing recognisable notes. A wonderful effort by Mrs. Fitton and the pupils of class 4.

Brass, clarinet and flute

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Transition to The Marches.

It is always a huge decision to think which High School will our pupils move on to. Today we met with Miss Boyce who talked to us about the option of transition to The Marches.

Hoola Hooping 


We have been very fortunate to have Hoola Nation in today to show the pupils some fantastic hoola hooping skills. Here are some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils enjoying the sessions.

What a relaxing way to spend break!

I have, who has Maths !

What a great fun way to learn about converting units of measurement. In class we played a great game of matching statements. We had to work together to match the measurement cards.

Class 4 setting up for the Royal Wedding Party

Edible Maths: One of our Associate Teachers Uses Sweets to Teach Ratio.

Welcome to our class page dedicated to subjects across the curriculum.


Our work begins with some development of angles. Often we can think of angles on pieces of paper but angles are all around us. We had great fun working outside drawing and exploring angles. Learning beyond the classroom at its best !

“Funnest maths lesson ever!” The associate teachers do some outdoor geometry with Y5 and 6.


Each week we continue to learn to play the clarinet and flute. This is a truly wonderful skill and resource to be able to read and play music. Research shows pupils that can engage in music develop other auditory and vital skills that promote brain development.