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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Summer 2017

What are we doing this term ?

Ellesmere College Music Video.

We were delighted when Ellesmere College contacted us to offer to help make a music video. Working with Mrs. Fisher we professionally recorded the lyrics we had written for our chosen JLS song. After filming ourselves, using iPads, we then transferred our footage and began adding our singing and images together on a music editing piece of software. Keep watching this space to hear and see our work.

Take a chance Music Video.

Rounders Match a treat to remember.

As we approach the end of term we decided to organise a special treat for year 6 parents and pupils. After eating our lunch on the field we set up a Match of pupils vs. parents. It was a close match with many a great run and catch. The final outcome was a win by parents (13 : 14) !

Rounders Match. Pupils vs Parents.

PCSO safety talk and cycle marking.

A huge thank you to West Mercia Police for their time and equipment provided to promote cycle safety. It was great to meet PCSO Tracy and PCSO Kerry who asked us a range of questions and also discussed cycle safety. Later each pupil in year 6 received a cycle safety pack which included a UV marker pen and sticker pack to mark their own bike in case of theft.

Cycle Safety Marking.

It 's Your Move.

A huge thank you to both Jonny and Hannah who came to talk to year 6 about moving on. Transition work helps pupils to make the change from primary school to high school. Hannah encouraged the pupils to think about their phobias, thoughts and feelings. Great fun and really helpful too.

Your guide to High School.

Literacy in action.

We read the amazing Highwayman poem and were inspired by the shocking, ghostly story that is told. After acting it out using our school field we decided to choose a part of the poem and draw an image that captures the events and actions.

Collaborating and sharing our ideas is so important. Each week we join together across the Upper Juniors to worship. We call it our Reflection Tuesday - a time of togetherness to find about our focus for this term.

Reflection Tuesday.

We are always delighted to be part of a special event. The new Ellesmere Library decided to create an art competition. The task was to link the inspirational work of actress and animal activist, Virginia McKenna with the theme of 'Protecting Wildlife'. After researching and looking at the wonderful film, from 1968 - Born Free, we set about creating our own artwork.

Art Competition June, 2017.

A fabulous opportunity arose when Ellesmere Library organised an art competition. The new library will be celebrating the achievements of Virginia McKenna, well known Born Free actress and animal activist. After researching we set about creating images on the theme of Protecting Wildlife.