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Spring Term 2022

Welcome to our Spring Term 2022 Page.

Thank you for visiting our class webpage for the Spring Term. If you haven’t already please make sure you’ve had a look at our Autumn Term Page as it’s full of exciting activities and examples of learning. Make sure you keep regularly visiting us as we always try to add new content each week so you can be a part of our exciting curriculum and learning.

Design Technology : Creating an electronic game.

In DT today we started the process of thinking about the ideas we have to create our own electric board game. It should be fun to link both science and DT to create our own model. After researching we soon realised the complexity of joining circuits in science with DT model making. 

First News and Whizz Pop Bang Science.

In class 4 we wanted to really demonstrate our Love of Reading. Each of us spent time reading and looking through First News articles and content in the Whizz Pop Bang science magazine. Each of us then carried out further research and then write about what we had found out. Together they look amazing as we displayed them around school for everyone to see.

Reading Corner in Class 4.

Taking time out to read and reflect truly develops us as people and also helps to develop our brains. In class 4 we place great importance on regular reading. Our class display area is full of books for us to read and is also swapped around each term. Have a look at our new Spring Term Reading Area.

Happy Birthday.

It’s always wonderful to celebrate a birthday especially if there is cake and singing !

Reading For Pleasure.

Reading is all about developing ourselves. Whether it is about finding out and researching or immersing ourselves into another world. In class 4 we wanted to share what we are each reading. Maybe you have read some of our books ?

History: The role of women.

This is a particularly exciting topic for pupils to research and investigate. It’s important we realise how history can help us bring about change by understanding the past. Today we travelled back in time to The Victorian times to look at what role women were considered to have in society.

Geography : Maps.

It was fascinating today to just take some time to look at a range of maps of our local area. Each map had a different scale and allowed pupils to see both similarities and differences across the maps. Undoubtedly, the most exciting and detailed map was the Ordnance Survey Map, a real paper map for pupils to gain a real insight.

Science / Design Technology : Electricity.

Our challenge this term is linking two areas of the curriculum through an understanding of electricity. In science we will be developing our knowledge on electrical circuits and components. In Design Technology we want to design, make and evaluate our own game that incorporates electric ! Sounds like fun, so make sure you come back and visit us to see how our work is progressing.