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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Spring Term 2021

Art : Andy Warhol.

As our term comes to an end we decided to display just some of our work from Pop Artist, Andy Warhol. We had lots of fun finding out about bright and vivid colours, repeating patterns and also techniques on printing. Wow !

Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Bunny came to Criftins today as we ran around the Daily Mile Track hunting for eggs. We all knew that Easter egg hunts are great fun but that we should also remember the real reason we think about Easter. The death and resurrection of Jesus. 

Boccia inter-school Tournament.

Today we all had great fun doing Boccia. This involves rolling a ball similar to bowling to knock over skittles. Great aiming and tactical skills are needed !

Historical Enquiry Using Artefacts.

Today we returned to our box of Anglo Saxon Artefacts. Using Artefacts is a great way for pupils to research and investigate about the past. It’s also exciting to think about how life was and how much it has changed. 

Easter a time of remembrance.

Today we linked our Collective Worship with Jane Webber and a wonderful Easter Art activity using clay to make crosses. Together with Mrs Cavell we each made our own clay cross. The cross is an important reminder of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Art: Andy Warhol.

Today we looked at the process of using the style of Andy Warhol and printing. Using press print and an image of ourselves we traced around and onto the press print. It would soon be time to get the paint and roller out and start printing !

Science: Air resistance.

As part of our forces topic we wanted to find out more about air and how it acts as a force. After watching the vacuum test video by Professor Brian Cox, we went outside testing air resistance with an umbrella. 

National Day of Reflection.

It is hard to believe but a year ago today the whole nation entered into an unprecedented national Lockdown. Today is a special day, a time of reflection, a time to think about how life has changed. Together we talked about the good that this time has brought. Time with our families. Nature flourishing with less pollution. Roads and neighbourhoods quieter and more peaceful. 

History : Anglo Saxon Artefacts.

This afternoon we had the opportunity to examine and explore a range of Anglo-Saxon artefacts from the Shropshire School Library Service. These artefacts ranged from a child’s doll to bone needles and pottery. It was great fun for the pupils to be able to engage in History using ‘real’ objects.

Artefact feedback

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Red Nose Day fun in class 4!

Learning Basketball skills in P.E this week in Class 4.

Computing : Microsoft Excel.

It was wonderful this afternoon to link together both computing and Geography. We began by creating a survey of shopping habits and transport. Once we had collected our data we then entered it into the Excel Spreadsheet. Using a spreadsheet is great as once the data is entered a simple click and a graph is displayed. 

Maths: Ratio.

Today we began a new unit of work focusing on Ratio. This is a great opportunity to think how ratio can be used In everyday life. Builders mixing sand and cement to make mortar, artists mixing yellow and blue paint to make green. We had great fun making groups outside and also using counters and infix to create our own ratios. 

History: Anglo Saxons and the first Archbishop.

Today we researched how Britain moved from a Pagan Britain to one that believed in the church and its teaching. The arrival of the first Archbishop Augustine sent by Pope Gregory. It was great fun using stained glass window style images to re tell this incredible story. 

Reading isn't just for Lockdown.

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Virtual Boccia Competition.

Have a look at Class 4

Forest School Fun! 🌳🌲

Music with Mrs. Fitton : Ukulele and Singing.

It seems such a long time since we were all together playing, listening and singing. The ukulele is such a lovely sounding instrument and music here at Criftins plays such an important part within our curriculum. Today we welcomed Mrs Fitton who began by tuning our Ukuleles and it wasn’t long before we were playing chords and having fun. 

Viva La Vida

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English Pathways : Poetry.

Our first theme back in school is to look at poetry. We begin with a magical poem by James Reeves, called The Sea. This poem tells of personification and how the sea has human type qualities. We look forward to finding out more over these next few weeks. 

Our First Reading : The Sea by James Reeves

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Monday 8th. March, 2021. Day 1

A huge welcome back to all our pupils as our National Lockdown allows all pupils to return to school. Today was about getting back together, having time with friends, re establishing new routines and having fun in school. Our day began with Collective Worship, Daily mile exercise and then team games and team building exercises. Great fun and a great start to being back in school. 

English: Queen of the Falls.

As we approached the end of Lockdown we completed our book all about the daredevil Annie Edson Taylor who went over the Mighty Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel. It was good to be back in school to be able to create a small display of this wonderful book. 


Our School Value for this term is about forgiving others.

Our first School Value for the Spring Term is Courage.

Remote Learning.

January 2021 saw the return of Class 4 pupils to online teaching due to Covid-19 and a UK Lockdown.

Each day pupils access work via Seesaw. Have a little look at just some of our work. Thank you to all families for your continued dedication and support.

Seesaw of Learning.

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