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Spring Term, 2020

Spring Term, 2020.

It is incredible to think how quickly we have raced through our Autumn Term, celebrated Christmas and then returned for a NEW Year and Spring, 2020.

Planning For The Spring Term, 2020 in Class 4.

Knowledge Organisers

Reading Challenge: how many of these hot 100 books will you read this summer?


Today we decided to research, examine and write poems linked to Fossils. It was incredible to be able to look at these ancient relics of long ago. The shape , the thought of those creatures from millions of years ago encapsulated into rock. Preserved for ever. Each pupil wrote a poem based on their research and findings.

The Daily Telegraph.

We have always known our very own Mrs Long is a published author and writer but today we were especially pleased when we saw an article she had written that was in The Daily Telegraph. Mrs Long was writing about the changes that have occurred over the past 40+years of the treatment of women in sport. It’s clear to see that in a modern world everybody should be treated equally. Equality in sport should mean the same conditions, the same rules and the same pay. 

The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 18th March, 2020.

Violin, Glass and Bottle.

Today we revisited our Picasso work and the concept of collage. The image we used is a very simple abstract representation created in 1912. We looked closely at two violins and also three bottles. Using this inspiration we then made our own Picasso style artwork

Making our own Magnetic Compass.

Today we continued our Mapping Skills focus by making our own Magnetic Compass. Reading a map is a skill but correctly identifying location using grid references and compass bearings is genuine Geographical development. We soon realised that a needle which has been magnetised when floating will face North.

World Book Day. 

Celebrating the love of reading is so important. Today in school we all dressed up as a book character. This year was different instead of being a recognised book character we came as a character we had thought of. Each of us dressed up in our costumes and outfits. Great fun and something which also encourages creativity !

Christian Library with Mr. Catton.

The first Thursday of every month we welcome our Christian helper Mr. Catton who brings a wonderful selection of Christianity books for us to borrow and read. It’s an exciting time choosing a new story to read.

Making a Card for someone special !

Today we spent some time designing cutting and sticking whilst we made a card. Making cards is great fun but even better when they are made for that special person.

A lesson on the Ancient Greek Gods and Godesses

Class 3 were delighted with their lesson about the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses delivered by our very own Class 4 pupil last week. A lot of time and effort had been clearly been put in to making this happen. The content, as well as the of delivery of the session was just wonderful. Well done Mr G!

Celebrating in Class Friday 28th. February, 2020.

It was a great honour today to be able to announce our NEW “Over and Above” pupils. All f our children here in Criftins display excellent learning and attitude behaviours. But going that extra little bit is so important.

Anglo Saxons.

Internet Safety Week.

Mrs. Twigg and Internet Safety Day

Today we were honoured to welcome our CEOP Ambassador Mrs. Twigg who came to talk to us and develop our Internet Safety awareness. It is important that we focus on using the internet safely. Today we focussed on Identity. This is information about who we are and information about us that is private.

Internet Safety Week.

Using the internet can be great fun, but it can also be a place that we need to ensure children use wisely. Today class 4 pupils joined with our youngest pupils to help them complete an online safety quiz. We then made our way back into class to complete our own safety quiz. Learning how to use the internet safely is essential.

Shaded Cubism.

Developing our work on Pablo Picasso we looked at the concept of simple geometric shapes such as triangles, circles and parallel lines and then used a pencil or pencil crayon for shading. Our shading was based around an outer hard edge followed by a medium shade and a final soft shade within each shape.

Maths Day at Lakelands for Y5

Stars should be in the sky, not sewn onto a jacket.

Today we began to develop our understanding of our Literacy text about the Jewish persecution during Nazi Germany. We began with the haunting image of Jewish families trudging down the road whilst been guarded by French Police. To help us to recreate this scene we went outside and re enacted the hostility and anguish that would have occurred.


Today we began the process of looking at the style of early Picasso work called Cubism. Here we began by over lapping geometrical shapes and parallel lines to produce our own Picasso style artwork.


A great strategy for pupil engagement and to develop writing is to put pupils into character. Today we used our Literacy story to develop the role of Madame Eleven o’Clock. After practising and taking turns at asking and answering questions we decided to choose s a pupil to face a round of questions from all the class. Wow ! What a fabulous job !

Madame Eleven O’Clock

Still image for this video

Geography Mapping Skills.

Working with Ordnance Survey Maps can be really fascinating. Today we worked in the hall looking at our locality. Each of us worked separately on a small scale Ordnance Survey Map. It is incredible to see the amount of detail contained within such a small space.

National Story Telling Week.

A great start to the week when Class 4 joined with Class 1 to read and share story telling. Reading is such good fun but is brought to life through sharing. Class 4 brought books from home and even selected some special ‘younger’ books which they though Class 1 would enjoy.

La Vie Parisienne.

Today we began by using drama to help capture and creat the cafe scene. Imagine the hustle and bustle as customers chat, music plays whilst a couple dance. 

Star of fear, Star of hope.

Set in France, during the Nazi occupation of World War II, a gentile child named Helen recalls the mounting persecution of her Jewish friend. She wonders why does her best friend, Lydia, have to wear a yellow star? Today we continued to build our understanding using role play and drama. Each group needed to work together considering a ‘speech sandwich’ technique to develop dialogue and action.

Science Circuits. What happens when....?

Today we began the process of experimenting and finding out what happens to our circuit when we change or add something. Each of us created a set of questions that we were able to test to find out what happens.

Sparking into action this afternoon! Exploring electrical circuits and how they are made. Practical sessions are a great way to begin a unit of work.

Eglantyne Jebb - Save the Children.

With great pleasure we welcomed the team of Juliet, Claire and Trudy to continue our work on the famous founder of the children’s charity. Eglantyne Jebb and her sister Dorothy were both local people who lived in Ellesmere and only last year we were part of the 100 year Centenary. All of year 5 and year 6 pupils gathered today to begin the process of planning a Labyrinth and Sculpture.

He’s Behind You !

What a great treat for our first week back, our annual trip out to the pantomime. This year we were treated to Aladdin at Shrewsbury Theatre Severn. Great fun and a great way to bring the school together after our holiday.

MicroBit Learning from Home.

Learning isn’t just about school, it’s bringing everything together which may even include some new gifts from Christmas. Building on from our coding projects we were delighted when one of our year 6 pupils brought in one of his Christmas presents, a BBC MicroBit Computer. This computer allows the user to use Scratch style coding to allow L.E.D. Lights to work in pre programmed routines. 

Computing and using Audacity.

Our new computing unit of work is all about creating our own digital recordings. Using the fantastic Audacity program will allow each of us to learn about how tracks can be digitally altered, stored and converted. It was great fun today as we began the journey of exploration. 

E2E Computer Club with Mr. Nicholls.

It was interesting today to spend some time finding out about the new computer club starting next week on HTML web design. After School Clubs enhance learning in a meaningful way and the computer club is a genuine development of highly skilled computer skills. This term pupils enrolling in the club will be designing their own websites. It will be great to perhaps showcase them here on the school class page. Pop back soon to see how their work is progressing.