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Spellings in Class 4

Spellings in Class 4.


The Government would like all Year 6 pupils to be able to spell as many words correctly as possible. Below is the statutory list which pupils should be trying to learn.


Each week in school we work on a set of spellings. Often the spellings have a rule or pattern which we discuss and explore each Friday. Pupils then look up the meaning and create sentences. Pupils should then be learning how to correctly spell their set of words which will then be tested the following Friday.

Spellings for the week beginning 19th October 2020.

Spellings for the week beginning 12th October.

Week Ending Friday 2nd. October, 2020.

Week ending Friday 25th. September, 2020.

Week 3 : Friday 18/09/20.

Week 2 : Friday 11/09/20.

Week 1 : Friday 4/09/20.