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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Reading & Handwriting


It is important to continue to practise your handwriting.

You can do this by writing as much and often as you can. There is also plenty of help online with various sheets and activities. Make sure that you are learning joins in the cursive style.


Click here on these links: (Year 3).


There are also more to find on Twinkl so have a look!



Like I always say, reading is very important so why not take the opportunity when you can to enjoy either one of your school books or books from home. Read as much and as often as possible. I'd love to hear about the books you read so why not make a short video reviewing a book or letting the rest of the class know what the book is about. You could also record yourself reading and post it to Seesaw. Maybe you could also write a short review about a book when you have finished it. This could include some key information about the book, some opinions on what you enjoyed about it and a recommendation. Remember, it is not just books that you can read but there are also magazines, newspapers, poems, leaflets, and more!


Remember you also have Bug Club which is a great reading resource.