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Life Skills

Class 3 Life Skills Checklist


Cooking/Baking Skills 


  • Can you follow a recipe?
  • Can you use and read scales to measure/weigh ingredients?
  • Can you make a sandwich?
  • Can you cook a savoury meal?
  • Can you bake a sweet treat?
  • Can you make a sauce from scratch?
  • Can you crack an egg?
  • Can you decorate using icing?
  • Can you sieve flour?
  • Can you cook an egg in different ways (boiled, fry, poach, scramble, omelette)?
  • Can you whisk, mix and fold ingredients?


Cleaning Skills


  • Can you make your bed every day of the holidays?
  • Can you keep your bedroom tidy?
  • Can you clean and organise a book shelf?
  • Can you sweep the floor?
  • Can you use a hoover?
  • Can you dust?
  • Can you use a mop to clean a floor?
  • Can you empty the bin?
  • Can you organise/empty the recycling?
  • Can you wash up for your family after a meal?
  • Can you fill up/empty a dishwasher?
  • Can you clean the car (inside and out)?
  • Can you clean windows?


Laundry Skills


  • Can you fold clothes and put them away?
  • Can you change your bedding?
  • Can you hang washing out on the washing line?
  • Can you load a washing machine?
  • Can you turn on a washing machine?


Gardening Skills 


  • Can you water the garden?
  • Can you pull out weeds?
  • Can you plant vegetables, fruit and flowers in the correct season?
  • Can you use garden tools including a watering can, rake, trowel and spade?
  • Can you plant and grow herbs that could be used in a recipe?
  • Can you water houseplants?
  • Can you identify different plants and flowers?
  • Can you keep your plants safe from pests?


Creative Skills

  • Can you learn how to do a magic trick?
  • Can you learn to play a song/tune on an instrument you haven’t played before?
  • Can you make your own board game?
  • Can you make something from wood? E.g. a bird box.
  • Can you make a den?
  • Can you learn to count in a different language?
  • How you learn a poem and perform it?
  • Can you create a piece of art using natural resources such as leaves, twigs and pebbles?
  • Can you learn how to beat box?
  • Can you make something using of paper mache?
  • Can you research a famous artist and recreate a piece of their work?
  • Can you mend something that has broken?
  • Can you make up a dance routine?
  • Can you up-cycle something?
  • Can you sew/knit something?
  • Can you make an insect village in your garden?
  • Can you build a fort or castle from Lego?
  • Can you make your own dot to dot picture?
  • Can you recreate a book/film/album cover?
  • Can you recreate a scene from your favourite film using shadows?
  • Can you learn a new skill such as origami? 

• Learn how to draw different things with Rob. Open this webpage and scroll until you find the videos.


Be as creative as you can with your ideas and remember, unlike some subjects, there is no correct answer in art so don't be afraid to take risks and give something a try!