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Welcome to the Home Learning page...


Here you will find all the links and information

that you will need for home learning. 

As I'm sure you are all aware, as of Monday 1st June things will be changing slightly as I will be back in school full time. Therefore, I will no longer be posting three daily lessons to Seesaw and using that as the main platform for home learning. Instead, there will now be a weekly home learning pack which can be found below. These can either be printed off at home or, if this is not possible, collected from school. These are to be completed at whatever pace you deem appropriate and examples of good work can still be posted on Seesaw. Mrs. Heley will now be predominantly in charge of seesaw so she will be able to approve your work posts and also other communications. I will still be overseeing all work you post every now and then so I look forward to you continuing the excellent standard of work that you have produced so far during these very unusual times.


As well as the home learning packs, below, there will also be your weekly spelling list. Please find time if you can to write your sentences out as normal and then test yourselves on a Friday. There is also still a list of other possible activities for you to be getting on with. These may change slightly so make sure you check back and have another look sometimes!


It will be strange being back in school without you all there! I'm missing you all but before you know it, things will be back to normal and we will be reunited, so until then - keep up the good work!


Take care everyone, stay safe and have fun!


Mr. Jones




Here is the list of other activities for you to be getting on with:



(Remember, you need to continue to make these a priority Class 2 - we still need to meet our weekly targets).


Other web-based learning:


Kenya Projects

(I know some of you have really enjoyed working on your Kenya projects, therefore this is still something that you might want to get on with in the afternoons. Here are some ideas of chapters that you could include, however if you can think of your own then include them to. These need to be informative, colourful and professional. By the end you could have a full, binded project that looks like one you would find in a tourist information centre, travel agents, shop or library).

  • Kenyan clothing
  • Kenyan geography
  • Kenyan jobs
  • Kenyan sport
  • Schools in Kenya
  • Contents page
  • Introduction


It is important to continue to practise your handwriting.. You have some sheets to help you with this in your home learning packs but practising your neatest handwriting on ordinary lined paper is also good to do. If you find the time, or feel like you would like some extra practise with handwriting, you can find sheets on twinkl which will help you. Click here on these links: (Year 3).


There are also more to find on Twinkl so have a look!



Like I always say, reading is very important so why not take the opportunity when you can to enjoy either one of your school books or books from home. Read as much and as often as possible. I'd love to hear about the books you read so why not make a short video reviewing a book or letting the rest of the class know what the book is about. You could also record yourself reading and post it to Seesaw. Maybe you could also write a short review about a book when you have finished it. This could include some key information about the book, some opinions on what you enjoyed about it and a recommendation. Remember, it is not just books that you can read but there are also magazines, newspapers, poems, leaflets, and more!


Exercise is also still very important. Exercise can make us feel great and will help keep us healthy. This is a great time for you to exercise even more than normal so make sure that you do. PE with Joe ( is a great daily resource for you to use, but there are also other things available such as exercise videos, cosmic kids yoga ( or why not create your very own PE lesson or exercise routine. While the weather is nice why not use outside spaces that you might have!

Arts and crafts

This is also a great time for you to get creative. Why not create a piece of art in the style of a famous artist, create a model using items from around the house, or draw/paint a picture from your imagination. You could even practice a new skill such as origami or knit work. Be as creative as you can with your ideas and remember, unlike some subjects, there is no correct answer in art so don't be afraid to take risks and give something a try!



Remember you have your weekly spellings in the folder above to write your sentences, revise and then test yourselves on. You also have your list of common exception words to be working on. Here they are:



Life skills:
(Remember, some of these might not be suitable for you and are just some examples. If you can think of any more then why not give them a try!)

  • Help cook a meal
  • Help wash up
  • Wash the car
  • Use the Hoover
  • Dust the window sills
  • Bake a treat
  • Water the garden
  • Weed the flower beds
  • Grow a plant from a seed
  • Brush the driveway or patio
  • Tidy your room
  • Learn how to use the washing machine
  • Hang the washing out to dry
  • Fold your clothes
  • Rake leaves
  • Practice tying your shoelaces
  • Learn how to tell the time
  • Practise the alphabet
  • Practise times tables
  • Use a tool (with help from a parent)
  • Help write a shopping list
  • Put groceries away
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Tidy the shed (with help)
  • Practise using a dictionary
  • Practising using the Internet to research
  • Use Microsoft Word
  • Send an email
  • Repair something that needs fixing
  • Learn how to use an atlas
  • Learn how to use a map
  • Learn how to use a compass
  • Practise using a ruler
  • Practise using scissors
  • Set the table
  • Design an exercise routine
  • Plan a healthy diet
  • Make a den
  • Practise writing a letter
  • Learn how to count to ten in a new language
  • Plan a holiday or a day trip 


Remember, I definitely do not expect you to complete all of these activities every day or week. It is up to you, your parents, or your families to decide how much you think is suitable. Also, if you can think of any other tasks that will help your learning or things that you'd like to practise and learn, then feel free to try them out!


Please continue to upload pictures and posts on Seesaw for me, Mrs. Heley and everyone else to see what you’ve been getting up to.


This list may change slightly from time to time so remember to check back every now and then just in case. I will try to let you know on Seesaw though if I add anything.


As I have said to you on Seesaw Class 2, I am really proud by the way you are learning at home and engaging with the tasks so keep up the hard work!


A big thank you also to all of your helpers that are assisting you with Home Learning. It is still a busy time for many of them so make sure you show your appreciation as often as possible.



Here are some examples of excellent work and also some pictures of you doing your life skills: