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Home Learning - Afternoon Tasks


Learning From Home - Afternoon Tasks


Here is the list of possible activities for you to complete in the afternoons whilst learning from home. I do not expect you to complete all of these activities every afternoon. If you can think of any other tasks that will help your learning or things that you'd like to practise and learn, then feel free to try them out. It is up to you and your families to decide how much you think is suitable. You may decide to create and plan your own timetable to ensure that you aren't missing out on key learning.  


Please remember to upload pictures and posts as evidence on Seesaw for me and everyone else to see what you’ve been getting up to.


1. Subscriptions and Websites










2. Over To You - Projects


Being at home with additional time is an ideal opportunity to do some research about a particular topic. Therefore, every week during lockdown, we are going to be exploring a different theme. I will let you know what the theme is each week via SeeSaw. 


As the title states, once you receive the theme, it is OVER TO YOU how you present your learning.  You can complete as little or as much as you like, but here are some possibilities;


  • Fact-file with a bold title, interesting facts and detailed illustrations.
  • Informative Poster 
  • Informative Booklet with an introduction and different pages for different chapters.
  • Leaflet
  • Labelled diagram
  • Story / Storyboard
  • Piece of Art - sketch, painting, collage etc.
  • 3D Model
  • Diary Entry
  • Videos (a video of yourself presenting your learning or use of software such as iMovie and Adobe Spark)
  • Timeline
  • Map - using a key
  • Poem
  • Textiles - for example, make an item of clothing or flag linked to the theme. 


Not all of these ideas will be suitable or appropriate for all of the themes, so please choose wisely. You do not need to choose just one of these each week. You can do as much as you like. 

Mix it up. Get writing. Get creative. Get presenting. Get learning. Most importantly, have FUN!


This week's theme (06.07.20 - 17.07.20) :

For these last two weeks of the term it really is “Over to You”!


I’d like you to reflect on all the wonderful mini projects you have seen and produced during this time and think of your very own topic to complete some work on.


Make sure you choose wisely as there must be enough scope for you create something interesting. Remember you can present this as you wish and it must be informative and look professional. 

There is no limit or expectation on the amount of work you wish to produce, but remember, and take inspiration from all of the different suggestions and items that you have seen so far.


You could possibly choose to produce work on; something that you find particularly interesting - such as a hobby or a sport, someone that inspires you - such as a famous person or activist, something that has given you joy or pleasure - such as a good book or film, something that has a close or sentimental meaning to you - such as a family heirloom or family tree, something that is special to you - such as a favourite toy or item, a particular country, town or city, or a particular historical event that fascinates you - such as a sporting event, revolution, movement, invention, war or natural disaster. 

As this is the ‘grand finale’ of lockdown projects, I have given you two works to complete this work. This means you can take your time both whilst selecting what you’d like to produce and whilst researching and completing the work.


Good luck Class 3, I can’t wait to see what you manage to produce!


3. Life skills

Remember, some of these might not be suitable for you and are just some examples. If you can think of any more then why not give them a try!


Class 3 Life Skills Checklist


Cooking/Baking Skills 


  • Can you follow a recipe?
  • Can you use and read scales to measure/weigh ingredients?
  • Can you make a sandwich?
  • Can you cook a savoury meal?
  • Can you bake a sweet treat?
  • Can you make a sauce from scratch?
  • Can you crack an egg?
  • Can you decorate using icing?
  • Can you sieve flour?
  • Can you cook an egg in different ways (boiled, fry, poach, scramble, omelette)?
  • Can you whisk, mix and fold ingredients?


Cleaning Skills


  • Can you make your bed every day of the holidays?
  • Can you keep your bedroom tidy?
  • Can you clean and organise a book shelf?
  • Can you sweep the floor?
  • Can you use a hoover?
  • Can you dust?
  • Can you use a mop to clean a floor?
  • Can you empty the bin?
  • Can you organise/empty the recycling?
  • Can you wash up for your family after a meal?
  • Can you fill up/empty a dishwasher?
  • Can you clean the car (inside and out)?
  • Can you clean windows?


Laundry Skills


  • Can you fold clothes and put them away?
  • Can you change your bedding?
  • Can you hang washing out on the washing line?
  • Can you load a washing machine?
  • Can you turn on a washing machine?


Gardening Skills 


  • Can you water the garden?
  • Can you pull out weeds?
  • Can you plant vegetables, fruit and flowers in the correct season?
  • Can you use garden tools including a watering can, rake, trowel and spade?
  • Can you plant and grow herbs that could be used in a recipe?
  • Can you water houseplants?
  • Can you identify different plants and flowers?
  • Can you keep your plants safe from pests?


Creative Skills


  • Can you learn how to do a magic trick?
  • Can you learn to play a song/tune on an instrument you haven’t played before?
  • Can you make your own board game?
  • Can you make something from wood? E.g. a bird box.
  • Can you make a den?
  • Can you learn to count in a different language?
  • How you learn a poem and perform it?
  • Can you create a piece of art using natural resources such as leaves, twigs and pebbles?
  • Can you learn how to beat box?
  • Can you make something using of paper mache?
  • Can you research a famous artist and recreate a piece of their work?
  • Can you mend something that has broken?
  • Can you make up a dance routine?
  • Can you up-cycle something?
  • Can you sew/knit something?
  • Can you make an insect village in your garden?
  • Can you build a fort or castle from Lego?
  • Can you make your own dot to dot picture?
  • Can you recreate a book/film/album cover?
  • Can you recreate a scene from your favourite film using shadows?
  • Can you learn a new skill such as origami? 


Be as creative as you can with your ideas and remember, unlike some subjects, there is no correct answer in art so don't be afraid to take risks and give something a try!

4. Reading


Like I always say, reading is very important so why not take the opportunity in the afternoons to enjoy either one of your school books or books from home. Read as much and as often as possible. I'd love to hear about the books you read so why not make a short video reviewing a book or letting the rest of the class know what the book is about. You could also record yourself reading and post it to Seesaw. Remember, it is not just books that you can read but there are also; magazines, newspapers, poems, leaflets, and so on!


5. Spelling 


Please ensure you are dedicating some of your time to practise your weekly spellings, as well as your National Curriculum common exception words. In your home-learning packs, you will also find a spelling rules booklet. This booklet could be used during an afternoon session to learn/revise the key spelling rules. Why not choose two a week to master? 


Here are some strategies to help you learn your spellings;


6. PE


During this time, it’s really important that we stay fit and healthy. Therefore, I would like you to spend some of your afternoon sessions doing PE. Get up on your feet, move your bodies and feel better! As we know, exercise is not only good for our physical health, but also our mental health. Here are some ways you can work out during this period;


  • Work up a sweat and tune in to PE with Joe:


  • Improve your mind, body and breathing with a yoga session:


  • Create your own PE lesson. You could do a sporting activity in your garden (such as tennis, football or skipping), plan and complete your own workout or go on a walk in the countryside with your family. Make the most of the sunshine and get some fresh air into your lungs!