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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Heritage Project

Careers Morning.

It was exciting to meet with parents to find out about what they do as a job. Modern times means a whole range of jobs to choose from, some of which are jobs that many of our ancestors would have done. A huge thank you to our parents who gave up their time to meet with us. It is certainly an opportunity to think about what we would like to do when we are older.

A morning to be inspired.

Heritage Display.

As part of our project we decided to combine all of our work to form a special display. Here we can see a small selection of work produced by year 6. This project has brought together the whole school in an exciting and dynamic way. A photograph gathering dust becomes a true story of forgotten memories. Real people, real events, real history.

Evidence from year 6.

Old maps of Criftins.

Here we can see the beginning of our Heritage study. We gathered a range of maps of Criftins and surrounding areas from 1898 to modern times. It is fascinating what has continued to remain the same, such as the shapes of the roads and what has changed.