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Eco Council

Biodiversity continues to flourish on the KS2 playground. Here is a Green-brindled Crescent moth on the wall, and a Y2 pupil found this caterpillar on her jumper at break today!

Eco Council's plan was to increase biodiversity on the playground...

Planting up a Peace Garden


We have planted a new bed of bee-friendly flowers around a solar fountain, where the old sandpit was. The trickling water makes a beautiful noise and the insects were hovering around even as we planted the lavender, hebe and astilbe. I'm sure it will be a very relaxing spot for the children to sit near, as well as a big boost for the biodiversity of the playground.


Josh Lacey, author of Hope Jones Saves the World, explains what you can do to help stop climate change.

Trying to Save the Beds During Lockdown

We learnt about bats

Helping Hedgehogs

Planting Time!

Science: a bird quiz! And hanging the butterflies.

Science: we made bird spotter guides

Science: we looked at butterfly IDs and tried to draw some.

We cleared a bed for spring. Dylan found a ladybird!


Using recycled craft materials, we made bags for our seed bombs.

We are making seed bombs for Christmas presents.

Science: we made sustainable packaging out of popcorn.

Making fat balls for the birds - they need energy.

Checking the sunflower heads - they’re being eaten!

We hung up sunflower heads for the birds and re-filled the feeder.

Science: we researched what wildlife sunflowers support.

We weeded out the dead flowers and planted heather for the winter.

Meet the new Eco Council!

We made a bee drinking station

Healthy Eating Week, and we made salad dressing from the herbs we grew.

Planting mystery bulbs! (They might be gladioli.)

Too rainy to check earwigs, but look how our garden's growing!

Science: we made earwig traps! We will check them next week...

Our first customers! Bees are already coming to our lavender.

Science: our herbs, fruit and vegetables are starting to grow!

Putting the daffs to bed and planting lavender for the bees.

We planted tomatoes next to the strawberries. Our flowers are looking great!

We planted strawberries and sunflowers to eat, and made recycled labels.

We are growing vegetables and herbs

A Spot of Gardening

Science: this term we are focusing on birds...