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Story: Children’s TV channel CBeebies has hired George Webster as its first ever presenter with Down’s syndrome. The 20-year-old, from Leeds, is an actor, dancer and ambassador for the disability charity, Mencap. Question: Who are your role models?

Encouraging people to use buses more often is to be a central part of the Government’s plan to reach net zero by 2050. New transport stations, called ‘mobility hubs’, will act as a focal point for cyclists, electric car drivers and rail commuters to switch easily between different modes of transport. Question: What is getting a bus or train like where you live?

Story: It is estimated that people in Britain are sending over 1.6 billion non-biodegradable face masks to landfill every single month. A new scheme has been introduced in Brighton and Hove to recycle face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). Question: How can we help to recycle?

Story: Following the trail of devastation left by Hurricane Ida, President Biden declared that ‘historic investment’ is needed to deal with the impact of the climate crisis. Question: What are all the different types of weather where we live?

Story: At the start of the Tokyo Paralympics, ParalympicsGB launched a campaign to change perceptions of those with disabilities called, Impossible to Ignore. Question: What are the sports that people take part in at the Paralympics?

Story: Research by BookTrust Research and CLPE showed that the number of children’s books published in the UK between 2017 and 2019 featuring characters from an ethnic minority background was just 10%. Question: Can a story character be just like you?

Story: UNESCO have said that the Great Barrier Reef in Australia should be put on a list of World Heritage Sites that are ‘in danger’ due to damage caused by climate change. Question: Which sea creatures do you like?

Story: Danish captain, Simon Kjaer, was hailed a hero for giving lifesaving first aid to his team-mate Christian Eriksen during a recent Euro 2020 football match against Finland. Question: Who are the people who can help us if we get poorly or injured?

Story: Transport for London (TFL) and other parts of the UK are trialling e-scooters as a new means of getting around using a more energy efficient mode of transport. Question: How would you like to travel around London?

Story: The world number two tennis player Naomi Osaka has withdrawn from the French Open after finding it difficult to speak to the media at the tournament. Question: Do you like being asked questions?

Story: The government is trying to encourage greener farming methods and believes that the next generation of farmers will be best equipped to make these changes. Question: Would you enjoy being a farmer?

Story: The Pop-It sensory fidget toy is the latest new craze for relieving stress in schools and offices. Question: Do we choose what toys to play with because of the way they feel?

Story: Project Sing2G7! Children from the choir at Truro cathedral will sing, Gee Seven, a song about climate change written by Sir Tim Rice, to world leaders at G7 Summit in Cornwall next month. Question: Why do people listen to music?

Story: Six English football clubs, who announced plans in April to form the European Super League, have formally dropped out of the competition. Question: What sport do you and your family enjoy?

Story: The retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) has begun legal action against supermarket Aldi, arguing the supermarket's Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake infringes its Colin the Caterpillar trademark. Question: How does copying help us to learn?

Story: Children’s author, Cressida Cowell has written a letter to Boris Johnson asking him for £100m a year to help school libraries. Question: What can you do in a school library?

Story: The Union Jack will be flown on UK Government buildings every day of the year under plans to celebrate the United Kingdom’s heritage and pride. Question: Where might you see a flag?

Story: Thousands of red telephone boxes across the UK are being transformed into museums, libraries and other practical uses in order to preserve this historic icon! Question: What should we do with old red telephone boxes?

Story: Sunday 21st March 2021 is census day when we answer questions that give a snapshot of daily life in UK every ten years (Scotland’s will take place next year). Question: What do we know about our own homes?

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