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Criftins Church of England Primary School

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This term our school value is friendship. Here is a display we have made with different things we can do to be a good friend.

Journey Day was a great opportunity to spend some time learning with pupils from other years in the school. We completed many tasks and lessons throughout the day including singing with Mr. Jones!

We have a large map on our wall. We use this to learn about the continents, countries, cities and oceans of our world. We also have placed 'Landmark markers' all over it. So far we have; The Golden Gate Bridge, The Empire State Building, The Elizabeth Tower, The London Eye, The Eiffel Tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, St. Basil's Cathedral, The Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House.

Here is our 'Wonder Wall'. We display excellent work here that has been completed both here in school and at home.

Here is our 'Super Learners' wall display. We can move up by showing excellent work, attitude or behaviour. I wonder who will make it to become a super learner this week and receive a big 'whoosh' and applause from the whole class?

We have been learning about various famous world landmarks including; The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Eiffel Tower, The Elizabeth Tower, The Great Wall of China, The Burj Khalifa and many more! We used good teamwork skills to recreate some! Can you guess what they are?

Take a look at our 'Big Draw' wall display...

Our reading corner! We all have opportunities to use the reading corner Teepee for quiet reading and learning.