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Jingle Bells.... Jingle Bells...

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Christmas Dinner Day!

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A fabulous and festive lunch time eating Christmas Dinner and singing Christmas songs!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


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Pantomime fun!

English - News reports

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Over the past week, we have been studying news reports, identifying features and then, writing our own. The children wrote some fantastic news reports based on The Blitz and then filmed them using a green screen. Take a look!

Using Technology to Enhance Learning and Inspire


This week, we had a go at using a green screen app on the iPads. It was a lot of fun and the children were so enthusiastic! Ideas were flooding in about how we could use this app to enhance our learning, so watch this space for more videos! 

Live from an Air Raid Shelter

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Evacuees Boarding a Train to the Countryside

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Exploring the Rainforest

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Big Draw

We all had a wonderful end to our first term as we were inspired by the work of artist Matisse. Using scissors to create shapes we put our work on a background and then used our iPads to create a stop start animation.

Matisse Inspired Art in Class 3

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Celebration Assembly with a twist!

Due the fact that celebration assembly wasn't on this week, we decided to have our own class assembly. The children picked a name out of the hat and decided on a particular reason why their chosen child deserved a certificate. It was really lovely to hear each award being announced and all of the comments were so meaningful. 

Exciting times for Criftins - a new reading shed in the playground!

Collective Worship - Creation

Peer Mentoring in Maths

Performance Poetry

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Class 3 have worked so hard to learn and perform 'Walking with my iguana' by poet Brian Moses. We chose this poem because it links to our class topic - the rainforest. Fantastic effort shown by all! 🌟

Silly Sentences

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Today, we played a game to help us develop a better understanding of adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs. We had to write a word and fold it over before passing it on to our partner to write another. In the end, we ended up with some hilarious non-sense sentences.

First week of TimesTables!

All eager and raring to go! 

New Bibles

Thank you to the Mothers' Union for providing us with new Bibles -  a collection of fun and educational religious stories. As you can see, they were a popular choice in our free reading session today! 

English - Features of Poetry

We started our lesson today with a rhyming game. We were each given a post it note with a word on it and we had to find our rhyming partner ...without talking!