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Class Work

Ruby red for Journey Day.

A very unique part of Criftins is our focus on Christianity in a memorable day called Journey Day. All pupils, placed into teams work together on a wide range of activities. It is truly inspiring to see our year 6 pupils working alongside our reception pupils engaging and collaborating in meaningful tasks. Take a look here at Ruby House Team working on The Apostle's Creed.

Performing in Ellesmere Church.

What an amazing experience as pupils from our two federated schools joined together to celebrate Christmas, 2017. Pupils spent the day getting to know each other and also find out about the historic church whilst also rehearsing songs and readings. This was followed by an evening performance accompanied with candle light and music.

Pirates in St. Martins.

Since rehearsing in September it was finally time for the performance to begin. This has been a wonderful project for all year 5 and Year 6 pupils to be involved in and is also a worthwhile commitment towards community values since we have joined with other local primary schools.

All pupils performed on stage singing and many also had auditioned for speaking roles.

Reading Morning.

What a wonderful start to December as we welcomed our parents and careers into school to support reading across School. In class 4 we shared our reading books, topic books and also our online books too. Great fun and very much appreciated.

Science-parallel circuits.

As part of our science work and study of electricity, today we found out about different types of circuit. A parallel circuit is very different to a series circuit. We soon realised each component will still work in a parallel circuit which is unlike a series circuit where each component relies on the previous connection of components.

Ellie Roberts gives the low-down on Tom Gates' 'Brilliant Ideas'

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More Fabulous Book Reviews - now with added cabbage!

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Evan Davies reviews David Walliams' 'Gangsta Granny' in his own inimitable style.

AntiBullying Week.

It is important we teach society and young people about the ways in which we should all behave. Being a kind, generous and thoughtful person is an essential life skill. This week the whole school is focussing on the implications and effects of bullying. In class 4 we debated thought provoking questions that affect many in society.


Debating in groups.

Battle of the Books.

This week for homework, class 4 pupils were set the challenge of choosing their best book. Which book would they recommend and why would it be a great read ?

Using our electronic portfolio, Seesaw, we created recordings and uploaded our videos of our favourite books.

Books are Ready to do Battle

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The Big Draw

Wouldn't you want to go back to school if you knew it would be as exciting as today ? Imagine spending a whole day involved in art and drawing. As part of our whole school initiative, class 4 worked with cogs and machines to produce art work. Remember drawing is just taking a pencil for a walk. Our Big Draw !

Drawing Machines

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Religious Education and Creation.

Learning about Christian beliefs are important and here we can see clay work inspired by the bible story taken from Genesis which explains how God made our wonderful earth.

From George Formby to Acker Bilk - There is no end to his musical talents!

Matisse at The Qube.

We all had a wonderful experience when we visited the Qube in Oswestry. We looked around the gallery and soon discovered the amazing work of Artist, Matisse. It was wonderful to see the use of scissors and coloured paper to creat images. Later we used modern technology through stop start animation to create our own moving images inspired by Matisse.

Rehearsing Pirates !

As part of a wonderful combined project with St. Martins we began learning the songs that would be performed in December. This is a fun and exciting way to collaborate with other schools whilst also singing and learning.

Pot of Gold

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Music with Shropshire Music Service.

It might look easy but producing a note on a clarinet and flute is harder than you think. Today we began the process of choosing the instrument we will be learning to play.

Transition with St. Martins School.

Moving on to high school is an important part of getting older. It can be a difficult decision and stressful time. Today, Mrs. Jones came to talk to all of class 4 about the opportunities St. Martins High School can offer.

Maths in Action.

Each week we focus on applications of place value and the four rules of number. Using a weekly test we talk about strategies used before we mark our work. Each week we strive to get our questions correct so we can move on to the next set of more demanding questions. Working together helps each of us to become more proficient and efficient in the way we solve problems.


Eco-Warriors !

It is not just about turning up for school and then going home but about the contribution each one of us makes. Every year we continue to strive for an eco friendly approach to waste management which includes recycling and reducing the amount of rubbish. After a well fought battle and a democratic process a team from class 4 was chosen. Good luck guys and remember it is everyone's responsibility to look after our planet.

Maths Challenge at Oswestry School

We were delighted to attend a wonderful morning of maths challenges organised by Oswestry School. Each year this annual event provides opportunities for pupils to engage in problem solving puzzles whilst also competing against other primary schools. 

Champion Team !

Pirates of the Curry Bean!

It was a pleasure to join with St. Martins School for an exciting and fun day of Arts and Drama. Class 4 pupils joined with other local schools for an action packed opportunity to be involved with a performance of Pirates of the Curry Bean! It was great to be able to work alongside other pupils and a huge thank you to all of St. Martins school for organising and inviting us. Throughout the day pupils were involved in singing, acting and art. Great fun and great learning !

Electricity and Circuits.

We began by looking at a wonderful Star Wars electronic lab brought in by one of our hard-working year 6. After we began investigating circuits of our using different wires, batteries and components.

Shropshire Music Service.

wow, class 4 are in for a real treat by learning either the flute or clarinet. Each week we have an hour long input by Shropshire Music Service. Here is a little taster of what we have begun to do with our teacher.

Shropshire Music Service

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Creation in Class 4.

In Reflection Thursday we began the process of thinking about creation. Having time to work together and perform in groups is so important. Here we can see groups of pupils using drama to retell their understanding of the work of God.

Reflection Thursday

Mothers Union

A wonderful gesture of kindness was received in class 4 with a set of interactive Bibles, donated by the Mothers Union.

Books are always such fun to engage in and this new set tells the stories of the Bible using fun cartoon illustrations and speech bubbles.

Bible in Action