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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Class Work

Last day of term after a wonderful year!

A fun-filled morning of Science with Mr Cripps

Marches Festival of Education

Class 3 Eco Council

Class 3 Eco Club have had a busy afternoon using recycled materials to make a scarecrow. They've named him Eco Scarecrow and he will be living on the vegetable patch in the forest school area!

Global Learning - Fairtrade

Maths - Coverting Metric Units of Length

Maths on a Friday afternoon never goes down too well. However ... when Class 3 found out that paper aeroplanes were involved, it didn't seem all that bad! Take a look at all of the amazing designs, the names were great too! 

On Monday, we will be converting our measurements (M) into cm, mm and km. 

English - Letter Writing

We have been practising our letter writing skills out on Her Royal Majesty. The letters look and read fantastically well and have been sent in the post to Buckingham Palace. We hope that Her Majesty thoroughly enjoys her birthday wishes from Class 3. 
Completing our arithmetic papers in the summer sunshine! It seems that Maths tests aren't that bad after all - smiles all round from Class 3 (as well as lots of concentration and focus of course!). smiley

Maths- Symmetry