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Chance to Shine

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Inspiring pupils to learn and play through Cricket.


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After this song, I don't think Class 3 will forget the different types of angles any time soon!
We have been reading 'Wonder' by R J Palacio over the last half term. We are really enjoying this book and have focused some of our class work around it. In this lesson, we were interviewing one of the main characters (August). We used evidence from the text to draw inferences about his thoughts, feelings and motives.Take a look at some of the interviews that were produced! We also uploaded these onto SeeSaw so that we could give feedback to our peers. 


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Criftins CE Primary School held a cake sale today to raise money for Red Nose Day. There were many delicious cakes to be had and it was great to see so many children involved. Well done to the Year 5 and Year 6 children who were selling the cakes and dealing with the money! 

Science - Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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Group 6

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In Science this week, we have been learning about how the particles in solids, liquids and gases move. Each group was given an envelope which revealed which state of matter they were. The children had to behave like the particles and move accordingly. Can you guess which state of matter each group is?


Bees! 1
Bees! 2
Bees! 3
Bees! 4
Bees! 5
One of the Year 6 pupil's found a large piece of honeycomb in her lawnmower. She kindly brought it in to Class 3 for us all to have a look at! We took this opportunity to do a bit of research on bees. We found lots of fascinating facts! 

Reflection Tuesday

Reflection Tuesday  1
We have been learning about global citizenship in our Reflection Tuesday sessions. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been focusing on human rights. This is one of the activities that Class 3 and 4 completed. They used this picture to identify human rights that are being enjoyed and human rights that are being denied. 

Classroom Displays

Classroom Displays 1
Classroom Displays 2
We are all enjoying our new Maths and English working walls in Class 3!


Science 1
Science 2
Science 3
Science 4
Science 5
Science 6
Science 7
Science 8
Science 9
Science 10
Science 11
Science 12
We have been learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases and have classified objects according to these properties.  Some fantastic questions have been raised, particularly with regard to those items that have properties of more than one state. In this lesson, we were using cheerios to explore how the particles are arranged in each state. It was messy but a lot of fun!

Electrical Safety Talk

Electrical Safety Talk 1
We had a special visit from Mr. Sobczak and his team today. They spoke to us about electrical safety and even brought in a cherry picker for us to control. 


Maths  1
Maths  2
Maths  3
Maths  4
Maths  5
Maths  6
Maths  7
Maths  8
Maths  9
In Maths this week, we have been learning about the different types of angles - acute, right, obtuse, straight and reflex. Take a look at the angle measurers we made!
In today's lesson, we went on an angle scavenger hunt around school. We used our angle measurers to search for examples of the different types (acute, right, obtuse, straight and reflex). Some of the Year 4 girls even found some twigs to create each type - very creative! 


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Year 5 & 6 children enjoying Bikeability training in today's sunshine!

Fractions Fun!

Fractions Fun! 1
Fractions Fun! 2
Fractions Fun! 3
Fractions Fun! 4
Fractions Fun! 5
Fractions Fun! 6
Fractions Fun! 7
Fractions Fun! 8
Fractions Fun! 9
Fractions Fun! 10
Fractions Fun! 11
Fractions Fun! 12
Fractions Fun! 13
Fractions Fun! 14
Fractions Fun! 15


Class 3 had a busy afternoon investigating fractions through the medium of smarties (and yes, we ate them afterwards!).